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Data Best Practices to Grow Sales and Increase Marketing Efficacy

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November 17, 2022

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Data Best Practices to Grow Sales and Increase Marketing Efficacy

Too often do we hear, “this technology or better data will solve your problems” – while this is partly true, the real value comes from how your systems are implemented and utilized by your revenue team. We all want the best technology and cleanest data, yet even with the shiniest new technology or the latest data file we still fall short of targets.

According to Frost & Sullivan research*:

  • 61% of companies say “becoming more data-centric” is a top business priority
  • Business data grows an average of 44% per year

Rapidly expanding company and customer information means competitive, successful marketers need robust strategies that capture and optimize data and information.    

To extract the true power of your technology and data, the following three pillars will help you successfully optimize your systems to generate and convert more revenue.

  1. Leverage data to create and optimize pipeline by:
  • Following best-in-class data hygiene practices
  • Standardizing and normalizing the data
  • Purging and deleting old data regularly
  1. Make sure your data is:
  • Clean and usable  
  • Easy to consume 
  • Analyzed through state-of-the-art tools
  1. Data-sharing best practices:
  • Ensure data and system interfaces are user-friendly
  • Share data across the organization
  • Create a consistent feedback loop on information and insights 

“You want clean, usable data that stick to standardized practices… and you want to consume that data in the best possible way.” – Roberta Gamble, Partner and Vice President, Frost & Sullivan

“Many companies are data-rich but insight poor.” — Tom Keefe, Senior Director of Marketing Operations, Demandbase

Want more information on optimizing your data for a competitive advantage? Watch our 5-minute webinar with Frost & Sullivan Partner and VP, Roberta Gamble and Tom Keefe, Sr. Director of Marketing Operations, Demandbase, Optimize Your Data and Systems to Generate and Convert More Pipeline.


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Not all superheroes wear capes. Still, extraordinary B2B revenue teams share one superpower: they know how to align, optimize and mobilize their people, processes, and systems to dominate in the face of adversity. This is part two of our four-part series hosted by Frost & Sullivan,  Build an Invincible B2B Revenue Engine

You can watch the full webinar here to learn how to get your revenue organization firing on all cylinders to increase your pipeline generation and skyrocket your win rates.

*The State of the Cloud, 2021: The Hybrid Multicloud Forms the Foundation to Digital Operations

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Moira van den Akker

Director, Enterprise Marketing , Demandbase

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