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Sales and Marketing alignment is the absolute cornerstone of an ABM strategy—because of the shared focus on target accounts and common success metrics, ABM breaks down the old silos that have dogged us for so long. When you activate the commercial acumen of sales with the engagement skills of marketing, it’s simply a winning formula! Once aligned, (really) good things happen to your pipeline. Deals close faster, average deal sizes are bigger, and deal velocity increases. It’s simply a win-win all around. Check out our ABM resources for sales professionals below.

ABM Delivers Results


Companies rate outbound activities by SDRs as the most important ABM tactic


Increase in annual contract value (ACV) at companies that have adopted ABM
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Resources for Sales

ABM for Sales Playbook Thumbnail
Learn best practices and how-to's to be a world-class sales organization by changing from a reactive model into a proactive account-based model. Learn more
Expert ABM: Bringing Sales and Marketing Together Thumbnail
Are your Sales & Marketing teams aligned? Learn the steps to execute a tested and approved ABM strategy – and achieve your very own happily-ever-after. Learn More
Autodesk Sees Sales & Marketing Alignment Thumbnail
See how Autodesk saw Sales & Marketing alignment with Account-Based Marketing. Learn More
Empowering Sales with Account Insights Thumbnail
So, what happens after Marketing hands leads over to Sales? Learn how to empower Sales with account insights. Learn More


There’s no doubt about it—ABM is a game-changer for marketers. But starting an ABM initiative can have a bigger impact on your sales team than you may realize.
Some B2B companies spend a lot of money on advertising that does not lead to a specific business outcome. Here are three ways to focus budgets where they can make the most impact and reach key buyers.
Our SDR team shares their top 7 sales prospecting tips.

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