Limelight Increases Conversions 30% with Demandbase Website Optimization

resizedimage132257-limelight-kpiThe Challenge

Increase engagement and conversions with target-account marketing

Limelight Networks, a global leader in digital content delivery, empowers customers to better engage digital audiences by enabling them to manage and deliver digital content on any device, anywhere in the world. Tom Kahana, senior director of marketing operations for Limelight, oversees all of the company’s marketing technologies and processes. “It’s really important to me that I provide the marketing team with a platform that allows them to streamline their activities,” notes Kahana. “I also need to give them access to the deep dive analytics that optimize performance.”

Heading into 2013, Limelight was dedicated to learning more about its audience and determining which accounts should be the focus of its marketing efforts. To achieve this, Limelight’s digital marketing efforts centered on:

  • Making it easier for online visitors to interact and communicate with Limelight
  • Boosting conversions and improving the quality of customer information
  • Engaging the right accounts at the right time with the right message
  • Employing analytics to refine targeting and personalization

The Solution

“With Demandbase, we can be more targeted in the accounts we go after, both in the prospects that fit our sweet spots but also who we’re targeting in our installed base. And we’re going to be refining that even more as we move forward.” – Tom Kahana, Senior Director of Marketing Operations, Limelight Networks

Website optimization drives targeting and personalization

Limelight deployed Demandbase Website Optimization to support its online targeting and personalization strategy. “Demandbase gives us increased visibility into the people we’re talking to,” Kahana continues. “We learn who they are, where they come from and map that information to their behavior. That enables us to create more personalized interactions with these customers and prospects.” The Demandbase solution enabled Limelight to:

  • Use targeting and personalization to engage website visitors. Limelight was able to identify and learn more about anonymous accounts that visit its website and engage them with targeted content by integrating Demandbase Analytics with Google Analytics to build personas around anonymous visitors. “We now have better insights around the pages visitors stop on or exit from which allows us to make educated decisions about what they need and how we can keep them engaged,” Kahana notes. “From there, we can move them from just visiting our web pages to downloading an asset, which and allows us to reach out to them directly.”
  • Deliver higher quality leads to sales. With Demandbase Forms integrated with Marketo, Limelight reduced form fields while maximizing the quality of information. This gave sales reps more confidence in the reliability of their lead data. “Once we started using Demandbase Forms, our success rates were higher, which really improved the relationship between sales and marketing,” Kahana explains. “They had faith that we were providing the right names from the right audience.”
  • Engage the right accounts at the right time via chat. Demandbase Live Chat integrated with Limelight’s chat software is the company’s most popular and successful means of communication with potential customers. Chat drives the sales pipeline, accounting for 30% of closed-won business. It enables sales reps to decide in real time—based on firmographic data—whether to use chat in a sales or pre-sales situation. Sales reps can also spend more time on lead qualification and creating an appropriate vision of Limelight for the prospect or customer.

The Results

Targeting and personalization increase engagement and conversions

resizedimage315197-201404-limelight-case-studyLimelight’s adoption of target-account marketing with Demandbase improved its understanding of its customers and prospects. Using Demandbase, Limelight:

  • Boosted conversion rates 30% within 30-45 days
  • Reduced anonymous visitors from 75% to 65% of total traffic
  • Increased the effectiveness of live chat
  • Aligned sales and marketing

“With Demandbase, we can be more targeted in the accounts we go after,” concludes Kahana. “Both in the prospects that fit our sweet spots but also who we’re targeting in our installed base. And we’re going to be refining that even more as we move forward.”


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