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WIKA Mobile Control Launches into New Markets Using Insights Powered by Demandbase One™

The Head Scratcher

For over sixteen years, Marketing Manager Sarah Nell has been an essential part of WIKA Mobile Control, operating within different functions on the Marketing team. Because of her extensive experience, she was more knowledgeable than most about their need to evolve their marketing practices.

Selling primarily to the crane market for over thirty years, WIKA Mobile Control counted most companies in that space as their customers. That meant that after three decades, they had almost wholly saturated that market and needed to open up their business to new pipeline opportunities with new products. This new endeavor meant they would be working with a client base who might not necessarily be knowledgeable about WIKA Mobile Control.

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Company Size
250 employees

Chambersburg, PA USA (Headquarters: Ettlingen, Germany)

Demandbase One™ with ABX and advertising.


of accounts reached by Demandbase ads


of accounts clicked on the ads


of accounts were lifted

"Other platforms are limited in the information they provide, while Demandbase brings our ABM initiatives to a new level."
Sarah Nell
Sarah Nell Marketing Manager

Why Demandbase?

Once they expanded their product offering, they wanted a tool to help them reach their new target accounts and see how they engaged with their campaigns. In addition, they wanted a solution that would generate pipeline cost-effectively.

WIKA Mobile Control was somewhat familiar with Demandbase, as their parent company had been a Demandbase customer for a few years. Before bringing Demandbase on board, Sarah had the opportunity to sit on regularly scheduled check-in calls between WIKA and Demandbase. The level of support she saw from the Demandbase account team impressed her, as she knew WIKA Mobile Control would need that same level of guidance because they would be new to ABM.

After evaluating, they concluded that, like WIKA, they would also benefit from onboarding Demandbase.

How’d They Do?

Since onboarding Demandbase, the WIKA Mobile Control team has:

  • Built targeted campaigns to engage top accounts

    WIKA Mobile Control continues to ramp up their use of Demandbase by utilizing targeted campaigns. During the first four months of using the platform, they ran four separate campaigns that included personalized messaging to drive performance. These campaigns produced impressive results. They reached 90% of their targeted accounts; 55% of accounts clicked on their ads, and 26% of accounts were lifted and saw an increase in onsite engagement during the campaigns.

  • Provided sales with insights for both current and potential customers

    With small marketing and sales teams, WIKA Mobile Control must have both groups working in sync. To continue fostering those relationships and drive the pipeline, Sarah takes time every Monday to deliver personalized reports to her sales reps, detailing how their current and potential customers engage with their campaigns.

    At the time of this testimonial, one of Sarah’s sales reps was about to go into a meeting with a completely new client. He was ecstatic that he could use Demandbase to see that the client had taken an interest in several of their campaigns leading up to the meeting.

  • Tracked customer engagement post-events
    Sarah spoke about one of their major industry tradeshows and recalls being able to track attendee engagement with the two campaigns they ran before and after the event. They could monitor engagement and follow up with key accounts at just the right time based on the information they were interested in.
  • Retained clients
    Although they began to target new clients, they can still cross-sell to their current customer base. Now, they use Demandbase to determine which of their current accounts might be interested in their new line of products based on their campaign engagement.

Without Demandbase?

When asked what would happen if WIKA Mobile Control no longer had Demandbase, Sarah quickly replied that she would be left using other tools that would not give her a good measurement of return on their investment. Following the successful launch of her ABM program with Demandbase in North America, she plans to work with her EMEA counterpart to roll out the platform in that region as well.

Of Demandbase, she asserts, “Other platforms are limited in the information they provide, while Demandbase brings our ABM initiatives to a new level.”

About WIKA Mobile Control

WIKA Mobile Control is a leader in load moment indication for telescopic and lattice boom cranes and a specialist for robust control solutions for mobile machines. The company develops innovative controls, sensors and system solutions for use in rough environments. As a reliable, innovative, and flexible provider with 50 years of expertise in leading-edge technology, high-quality products, and value added services, WIKA Mobile Control is committed to laying the foundation to ensure that today’s components and solutions already comply with tomorrow’s specific safety requirements.

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