Ariba Gains 387 New MQLs and Beats Monthly Goals by 118%

The Challenge

Boosting Marketing Productivity Through Better Information Quality
All around the world, Ariba, an SAP company, makes business commerce as easy as consumer commerce. Ariba helps its customers find opportunities to cut costs, reduce risk, and grow revenue via the Ariba Network—a cloud-based community where buying, selling, and managing cash is as easy as using Amazon,eBay, and PayPal.

Information is the foundation of Ariba’s marketing and sales processes. Yet the quality of its prospect information was costing the company significantly, resulting in reduced marketing productivity, the misalignment of marketing and sales, lost leads, and inaccurate reporting, as well as lower campaign engagement, conversions, and response rates.

But it was the implementation of marketing automation software that forced Ariba to address the information quality issue head on. Ariba could not overhaul its sales and marketing funnel, update the lead management process,or introduce lead scoring, without cleaning up its data.

The Solution

Ariba Improves Information Quality Through Shorter Lead Forms with Demandbase
After conducting a baseline analysis of its information, Ariba identified several tasks to improve information quality:

  • Find and fill information gaps
  • Standardize information values
  • Normalize current information
  • Ensure that new information complied with revised standards

To fill gaps in its marketing contacts database, Ariba implemented Demandbase on lead capture forms. Demandbase supplied firmographic information that was essential to lead scoring and routing. By appending information on the backend, Ariba could shorten forms and increase conversions while standardizing information elements such as company, industry, city, state, and revenue.

“Because of the unique and patented way in which Demandbase identifies companies, we were confident that the company information would be more current than what was in our existing database,” explains Caroline Robinson, marketing operations manager for Ariba. “So, with Demandbase, we were able to shorten our forms, gather more information, and provide more up-to-date information to sales.”


The Results

Better Information Quality with Demandbase Delivers Measurable Benefits for Ariba

With Demandbase, Ariba created hundreds of new MQLs and influenced $53 million in net new subscriptions, which underscored the importance of maintaining clean information. With Demandbase Forms, Ariba:

  • Generated 387 new MQLs—a 118% over monthly goals
    • Populated over 19,000 job functions, creating 128 MQLs
    • Created 132 MQLs via job role cleansing
  • Increased the number of key buyer persona contacts in accounts by 6%

“Despite the challenges of data cleansing, appending, and normalizing, we were successful,” concludes Robinson. “With the help of Demandbase, we not only developed a clean and updated database, but created a launching pad to marketing effectiveness, with a new sales and marketing funnel, and a new lead scoring and management process.”

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