Making Life Count with a Growth Mindset and Purpose-Driven Business
Sales Tips 03.22.2022

Making Life Count with a Growth Mindset and Purpose-Driven Business

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This episode of Sunny Side Up features a business leader whose growth mindset is the key to inexhaustible energy and driving long-term business success. Keith Sampson, National Sales Director for North American Bancard, learned early in life that adversity could serve as a block or an invitation to learn. He has chosen the latter at every turn, including when pandemic shut down his bread-and-butter roadshows overnight. Within a matter of hours, he had reimagined his sales outreach program and ramped up virtual conferences that were attracting hundreds of attendees within weeks. Learn how Keith’s 3E’s fuel sales and how purpose-driven businesses are the key to a meaningful – and fulfilling – life. 

About the Guest

Keith has spent more than 20 years in business development, sales training, customer service, and a passion for creating incredible experiences. He brings unique insights, ideas, and perspectives that help any organization build incredible customer experiences, increase sales results and change a business culture. Applying a Growth Mindset as a foundational building block to create lasting change in business and individual lives, Keith has a passion for people and unlocking their maximum potential. What started as a single question asked of him at the age of 19 permanently changed his life and the way that he approaches business. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Strategies for migrating his sales events from living to virtual to hybrid models.
  • Why it was important to make NAB’s virtual conferences free and accessible. 
  • How purpose-driven businesses can help employees unsure of their “why” in life?
  • About pandemic lessons learned and resources for ongoing self-education.


“My ‘why’ is to change the world through business because I really believe business is the greatest vertical for activating fulfillment and purpose in an individual’s life, as well as a permanent change.”

“I’m big on challenging your inputs. What are you putting into your mind to make your life better? It’s part of a growth mindset and perspective.”

Highlights From the Episode

What skills have ramped up as a result of the event production experience?

While the marketing team manages blast emails to qualified participants, Keith is himself reaching out personally to past attendees through various channels. They are seeing an amazing 60-70% attendance versus registration rate. 

How did Keith develop a zero-cost framework for his conferences?

The decision not to charge conference attendees had to do with Keith’s decision to play the long game. Aware that most people weren’t making money under lockdown, he opted to bring them value and positivity. The infrastructure costs were minimal, and keynote speakers were willing to do sessions for free, so Keith extended that theme by making 2020 the year of offering goodwill. It’s a great example of taking adversity, applying a growth mindset, and coming out ahead.

Has the pandemic left any lessons learned?

Above all, Keith believes people have paused to ask: Why? That all-important question may have developed at any point in our lives, but at this point, Keith believes the time is ripe to contemplate and answer it fully. His personal “why” is to change the world for the better, in particular through business. He believes the so-called “great resignation” has been prompted by a disconnection people feel between their careers and personal fulfillment over recent months. Another approach? When the corporate mission includes making a positive impact globally, it changes how employees feel about the money they’re making and the effort they give. Purpose-driven companies foster hope and meaning. Take a beat and find your watershed moment, your passion, your way to contribute, and feel personally invested.

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