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Tricentis Expands Relationship with Demandbase and Grows BDR Pipeline 31%

The Head Scratcher

Tricentis, a global leader in continuous testing, was looking to expand and energize their GTM strategy to better align with the shift they were making to be more enterprise and product-focused with their targeted accounts.

When Jay Melton, Senior Director, Marketing Operations & Business Development, joined Tricentis, his goals were clear: build a marketing operations and, eventually, a BDR team that could efficiently support sales with Tricentis’ new initiative.

Having worked with other ABM tools in a previous role, Jay had high expectations and knew what he needed to ensure his team’s success. With his goals in mind, Jay and his team scrutinized the ABM & ABM adjacent platforms they were already using, which included Demandbase. After evaluating, they decided not only to stick with Demandbase but to expand their initial partnership to include orchestration and advertising.

Jay says of the partnership expansion, “The orchestration piece has been a big score for us, and the ability to get granular within advertising was really key.”

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Company Size
1,001-5,000 employees

Austin, TX

Demandbase One with Orchestration & Advertising


increase in year-over-year pipeline created by BDR team

"The agility of standing up campaigns in Demandbase made my job much easier."
Jay Melton Sr Director, Marketing Operations & Business Development

Why Demandbase?

Jay came to Tricentis with experience using a competitor, so it was good to understand why he chose to keep Demandbase instead of bringing in the platform he had previously used. He mentioned several reasons off the top of his head:

  • The agility of Demandbase
  • Ease of standing-up campaigns
  • Orchestration
  • The integrations, including Salesforce, to provide visibility for their BDRs
  • Qualification and pipeline predict scores

How’d they do?

As they expanded their relationship with Demandbase, the Tricentis team achieved, and continues to realize success, including:

  • Focused campaigns
    One of Tricentis’ recent ABM strategies involved their “Pipe Gen Tuesdays,” where their team focuses on one specific product or motion. As part of this program, they use Demandbase to build out their target list based on intent scores, journey stages, and engagement related to that specific focus product. After creating their target list, they use orchestration to push the accounts into a particular campaign to start targeted advertising.
  • Warding off the competition
    Tricentis recently introduced their customer success team to Demandbase. They now incorporate competitive keywords to see if a renewal is in trouble so they can avoid any potential customer churn.
  • Enriching the relationship between sales & the BDR team
    Tricentis’ ABM strategy works best when there’s alignment between their teams. Jay set his BDRs up for success by having them use Demandbase to avoid walking into their weekly meetings with their account team unprepared. Jay never wants his BDRs walking into those meetings asking the Account Executives, “what do you want me to do this week.” As Jay sees it, that’s not helpful to the AE, making them work too much.

    To avoid that problem and ensure success, the BDRs go into each meeting armed with the data they get from analyzing and deep diving into their Demandbase reports. When they meet with their AEs, they use that information to decide which accounts to go after and where to focus time and resources, based on account activity and engagement. Jay recalls overhearing one seasoned BDR call the Demandbase reports “gold,” when speaking to a newer colleague who was just getting started. This ability to work more efficiently has led Tricentis to see a 31% increase in BDR pipeline.
  • Growing their ABM program using Demandbase’ many resources
    As a proactive leader, Jay ensures his teams are getting the most out of their Demandbase partnership by using the resources available to them. Along with regular check-ins with their Demandbase account team, Jay gets value out of the Demandbase Academy and shares the information with his BDRs. They’ve also had a number of training sessions with their counterparts in similar roles at Demandbase. Jay calls those training sessions “incredible,” as understanding how the team at Demandbase uses the platform has proved valuable in learning and building their own plans for success.

    Jay went on to talk about his experience working with the professional services team at Demandbase, saying, “It’s been great. We have a small marketing ops team, so the guidance provided by the professional services team has been invaluable.”
  • Integrations
    Jay and his team continue to lean into the successful ABM program they’ve built using the integrations that Demandbase offers. Those integrations include Salesforce, Marketo, TrustRadius, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Salesloft.

Without Demandbase

When thinking about Tricentis without Demandbase, Jay focused on the loss of two things. First, their ability to do their “always on” targeted advertising, which provides significant aircover for their teams. And second, targeting for the BDRs; without which they would have to go back to tediously reviewing account lists to find marketing activity. That old-fashioned way of working would take away from the precious time they’re now able to spend engaging with the right accounts at the right time. Jay has no interest in taking steps back in their ABM strategy.

About Tricentis

Tricentis is a global leader in enterprise continuous testing. The Tricentis AI-powered, continuous testing platform provides a new and fundamentally different way to perform software testing.

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