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Get trusted data and intelligence about accounts and contacts with the most complete B2B data available

The Demandbase Data Cloud is a superior solution for B2B data and intelligence. It helps companies identify, understand, and engage the right buyers at the right companies with high-fidelity data and insights across five key aspects of B2B data: firmographics, technographics, intent, account identification, and contacts. Use the Data Cloud as part of one of our other Clouds, or purchase data directly to feed your existing systems.


Get accurate company information including financials, employee counts, industries, and locations, powered by InsideView.

  • Find accounts that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP).
  • Navigate through corporate family trees and hierarchy.
  • Manage territories and routing with accurate account information.
Learn about Data Coverage by InsideView, a Demandbase company Learn about Data Accuracy by InsideView, a Demandbase company


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See into a company’s current tech stack and future technology needs.

  • Qualify accounts that are a great fit for your technology — or not.
  • Predict what technologies a company will purchase next.
  • Get insights into the revenue you are likely to make from each target company.
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Uncover the topics that companies are actively consuming across the web.

  • Track an account’s level of interest in your company or category/categories.
  • Identify when accounts are entering into an active buying cycle.
  • Know when to reach out at and what to say.
Learn about Intent Data


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Account Identification

Identify and deanonymize the account of any visitor on any webpage.

  • Trust in industry-leading match rates and accuracy.
  • Understand engagement, target and personalize interactions, and measure the impact of account-based efforts.
  • Accurately identify web traffic regardless if they’re working from home or the office.
Learn about Account Identification

Account Identification

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Identify decision-makers at target accounts from InsideView’s database of 100M+ B2B contacts.

  • Get accurate information including name, function, job level, title, demographics, location, and social networks.
  • Reach out with confidence with up-to-date contact information, including email and phone.
  • Feel confident that your data comes from legitimate sources, not email scraping/harvesting.
Learn about Contact Data by InsideView, a Demandbase company


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Data Stream and APIs

Use any or all of our five data types to feed your existing systems and business processes — we’re flexible!

  • Get data and intelligence delivered to your data lake, data warehouse, or BI tool.
  • Power your applications with API access to our data.
  • Access and analyze the data you need where you need it.
Learn about API Integration by InsideView, a Demandbase company

Data Stream and APIs

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Data Integrity

Clean, unify, and visualize your CRM data with reliable, up-to-date data management.

  • Clean and append accounts, contacts, and leads in your CRM, including email validation.
  • Keep your CRM up-to-date and control how, when, and where your data flows.
  • Automate account hierarchies (or family tree linkages).
Learn about Data Integrity by InsideView, a Demandbase company

Data Integrity

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Customer story

[Data Cloud] is an integral part of our data integrity and sales management. Thank you, team, for exemplifying a rare form of Customer Service in today’s age, and we look forward to continuing our strong partnership.

Nancy Doherty, Director, Salesforce Platform

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