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Intent is the new lead

Why wait for the form fill when your buyer is actively researching? In this eBook, we’ll help you understand what we mean by intent-based marketing for B2B and how to harness its power by outlining:

  • The definition and categories of intent
  • Why timing is critical when harnessing the power of intent
  • How to accurately score accounts (with our handy scorecard!)

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It’s a new day. It’s time to focus on intent and put the lead in the backseat. Wait…what?!

B2B intent-based marketing helps sales and marketing teams drive better leads to pipeline by focusing on the early indications of buying intent based on actions users take on your website before they raise their hand via a form fill.

Intent-based strategies are a more efficient marketing approach, as it helps marketing and sales teams identify which accounts are in-market while still early in the buying journey, instead of waiting until waiting until the point of conversion via a form fill.

With these insights, teams can personalize account outreach according to the accounts interests and influence the buying mindset while they’re still in the research phase of the buying process.

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