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Why We Chose Demandbase: Matillion

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August 2, 2021

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Why We Chose Demandbase Matillion

Why We Chose Demandbase: Matillion

Base case: ABM done manually (and slowly and inefficiently)

Before moving to Demandbase, Matillion had a manual ABM program for about 30 target accounts. They pulled data on those accounts from multiple sources, including their CRM, advertising platform, webinar platforms, and marketing automation platform, just to name a few. And with only one person in the department, they weren’t able to effectively analyze and act on that data.

Sonya Hansen, Senior Director of Demand Gen at Matillion reflects,

“We found that it was far too much manual work. We were spending so much time just finding the data instead of optimizing our programs. We knew we needed something that brought all those things together, consolidated the account-based marketing experience, and brought Sales into the fold as well.”

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The quest for a complete ABM solution

In the end, their manual program drove amazing results for a small number of accounts. But with aggressive growth goals and a Sales team that doubled in size, the team knew they needed to scale quickly. They knew they needed a full suite solution that brought Marketing and Sales efforts together, and one that everyone could get behind. As they began the evaluation process for a solution to support their goals, they took advantage of the opportunity to engage sales and sales ops in a way that allowed them to make a strategic and ideological shift, looking at the marketing and sales functions as one integrated whole, rather than owners of disconnected parts of a traditional funnel.

The stakeholders looked at every tool from A to Z, all of which claimed to be able to do anything and everything related to account-based marketing.

Sonya says,

“In the end, we wanted a solution we could all get behind, and made the decision to go with Demandbase. Both the sales and marketing teams agreed that, after comparing goals—enabling sales to spend more time dealing with quality prospects and bringing all data sources together in one place)—no other single solution would be able to deliver on that promise.”


Going with Demandbase means Sales and Marketing are working in synch

“It’s a solution that will grow with us. As we expand our business, Demandbase will be able to support us as we scale, rather than having to rip out and replace a less robust tool in six, 12 or 18 months to support our account-based marketing efforts,” says Sonya. “Today, Sales and Marketing are working together to target the buyer’s journey in one fluid motion. Demandbase gives us a path to true account-based experience marketing.”

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