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Are your marketing and sales teams aligned on who to target? Can they identify accounts showing interest in your company? Marketing and Sales don’t often agree on the right accounts to target and focus on. And budgets are limited so it’s important to align on the right accounts from the start. What if you could reduce the time your BDRs/SDRs spend researching accounts and contacts? What if you could get ahead of the competition by understanding who is looking for a solution like yours? What if you could align your sales and marketing teams on a prioritized list of accounts? Demandbase One can help you move from spray and pray to an account-focused strategy with the best intent signals to improve marketing and sales efficiency.

Demandbase One is the one complete B2B Go-to-Market Suite for revenue teams. The Account-Based Experience Cloud and Sales Intelligence Cloud help you understand who your target accounts are and when they are potentially in-market, supported by key data assets like technographics and intent. It connects everything that matters so you know who is researching topics or competitors related to your business. Understand how buying committees are engaging, across all channels, so that you can ensure you’re part of their evaluation. Identify key technologies in use at your accounts so you know where to prospect. Get to pipeline faster with Demandbase One.

Customer story

Demandbase is a great tool to move your targeting from a one -to-many to a one-to-one and do some true ABM tactics. Working with your sales teams and then this tool, you can truly target the leads that your sales team is looking to get into, or even better, help them move through the pipeline by targeting your opportunity accounts

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Michael R., Marketing Manager, Enterprise

Demandbase One is the complete B2B Go-to-Market Suite. Check out more use cases to see how Demandbase One can help you.

Understand In-Market Intent and Engagement

As a Demand Gen Marketer, I have an established target account list, but how can I segment by activity to inform my next targeted campaign?

  • In Demandbase One, prioritize your Target Account List (TAL) using selectors to isolate accounts with recent intent and marketing engagement activity.
  • Use this list to target the engaged accounts with the relevant messaging.
  • Take It to the Next Level: Deliver accounts to Sales for alignment on communication/prioritization strategy.
Learn about the Demandbase Engagement Platform

Understand In-Market Intent and Engagement

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Uncover Net New Accounts

As a Demand Gen Marketer, I want to include accounts that are not in our CRM to an awareness campaign. I’m interested in accounts showing intent on specific keywords.

  • Dynamically identify all accounts that are NOT in your CRM with recent onsite engagement and recent keyword intent.
  • Add additional filters using specific keywords, engagement minutes, industry, etc. for more segmented marketing campaigns.
  • Take It to the Next Level: Share net new accounts with Sales for alignment on communication/prioritization strategy. Add net new MQAs to an account-based advertising campaign.
Learn about the Demandbase Engagement Platform

Uncover Net New Accounts

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Identify Accounts Researching Competitors & Conduct Preemptive Campaigns

As a Customer Marketer, I want to identify competitive intent for existing customer accounts to target them with retention programs to reduce churn.

  • Using Selectors, create a dynamic account list of current customers.
  • Layer on recent Competitive Keyword Intent and Desired Renewal Date.
  • Execute retention campaigns with competitive insights.
  • Take It to the Next Level: Work with Customer Success to develop nurture campaigns and personalized outreach. Develop campaign(s) to win-back churned customers.
Learn about the Demandbase Engagement Platform

Identify Accounts Researching Competitors & Conduct Preemptive Campaigns

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Deliver Intent and Engagement Insights to Sales

As a Marketing Ops Manager, I want to make sure that my sales teams are receiving important and actionable information on a regular cadence to prioritize their outreach.

  • Create Reports using Selectors based on information your sales team should action like customers displaying high competitive intent signals in the last week.
  • Create and configure a Subscription from the desired report(s).
  • Select recipients, channel of delivery (Slack/Email), and frequency of send.
  • Take It to the Next Level: Group multiple email Subscriptions into a Digest view for easy viewing.
Learn about Scout for Sales

Deliver Intent and Engagement Insights to Sales

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Create A Competitive Take Down Campaign

As a Demand Gen Marketer, my competitors are winning market share and I want to create a campaign that targets their customers.

  • Use technographics in Selectors to build out a list of accounts who have your competitor’s technology.
  • Use that list to target those accounts with key messages.
  • Send them to a unique landing page that speaks to your key points of difference.
  • Take It to the Next Level: Provide value added content like ebooks, webinars or Marketer to Marketer conversations to help them see the value of your solution.

Create A Competitive Take Down Campaign

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