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Identify Churn Risks and Customer Expansion Opportunities

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Demandbase for Post-Sales

Demandbase prevents your post-sale organization from getting caught off guard from surprise customer churn and allows for organic customer expansion through easy personalization. Easily hone in on competitive keywords within a specified timeframe to give your team a chance to address competitive intent before it’s too late. Additionally, personalize customer content to improve relevance and organically surface upsell / cross-sell conversations.

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Win bigger deals and accelerate your average sales cycle with the leader and pioneer in account-based experience.

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Identify Engagement Strategies that Advance Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities. Stop getting blindsided by competitors taking customers and identify competitive intent and new product interests.


Target Customers with Personalized Messaging. Using personalized messaging, appeal to existing customers with relevant messaging to drive upsell revenue.

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Deepen brand connection via customer-centric experiences. Intentionally engage existing customers with different content to increase awareness of new solutions your company offers.

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Foster customer growth. Leverage intent to pinpoint customer interest in products you offer but they do not currently own, and allow them to grow as a customer of your business.

Get the most out of your
B2B Go-to-Market

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Demandbase One

The Most Complete B2B Go-to-Market Suite

Connect to all the data that matters, execute across all the channels your accounts are on, and deliver value at every stage of the account journey with the most complete suite of B2B go-to-market solutions.

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