What does it take to be a leader in today’s world?
Sales Prospecting 10.29.2021

What does it take to be a leader in today’s world?

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On this episode of The Sunny Side Up podcast, guest Natalie Yancy of Belo + Company comes on the show to talk about all things sales, leadership, and what it looks like to be a leader outside of the office. The pandemic has changed a lot about sales and marketing, and Natalie gives listeners a step-by-step overview of how her team managed the pandemic and how it continues to affect them and their clients. But the pandemic is not the only change sales and marketing has had to weather recently, sales have changed dramatically over the past 10 years, and Natalie gives some insight into why she believes that is and how companies can respond to their client’s changing needs. The episode concludes with Natalie’s best advice to those looking to become the next sales leader, including leading with empathy, having a personal board of directors, and putting your team’s success above your own. 

About the Guest

Natalie Yancy’s career in media sales and leadership spans over 25 years. She is a Senior Sales Director, and currently leads a team of Enterprise Account Executives at Belo and Company, a media sales and marketing services agency. Natalie has spent almost as many years serving causes that she’s passionate about such as improving public schools and child wellness causes. 

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Key Takeaways

  • The definition of a leader has changed recently given the challenges of today’s world. Natalie believes being a good leader today is all about navigating the new realities presented while ensuring your team goals and initiatives are still being achieved. 
  • Being a great leader goes far beyond knowledge of a topic. Knowledge of your industry is just the beginning when it comes to leadership. 
  • Every day there’s a new challenge to face when it comes to sales and marketing. The people’s challenges and issues never change, but client relationships have changed dramatically in the pandemic. 
  • Delivering the best performance for client social media campaigns is constantly evolving thanks to growing concerns for privacy. 
  • Natalie’s company weathered the pandemic by tightening their belts and focusing on the long game. It came down to a lot of quick decisions on how to overcome revenue lost or simply get through it. 
  • Sales have changed dramatically in the past 10 years. Where business used to be at a much slower pace with more in-person meetings, business is now much more fast-paced and cutthroat, resulting in a client focus on results and how marketing and sales can help their business succeed. 
  • The user experience is becoming even more important than how the client feels doing business with you. 
  • Natalie serves as a leader even outside of the office by leaning into her passion for helping children, improving public education, and tackling housing affordability. 
  • Natalie’s advice for upcoming sales leaders includes: 
    • Always be learning 
    • Share knowledge with your team 
    • Have self-awareness as a leader 
    • Lead with empathy 
    • Have a personal board of directors 
    • Be willing to take risks and do things differently 
    • Put your team’s success ahead of your own


“My definition of a leader is holding yourself accountable to a new level of service to your team. You’re helping them navigate new realities while ensuring team goals and initiatives are being achieved.” 

Highlights From the Episode

What is the definition of a leader? 

Leaders are being challenged in ways they’ve never expected thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Natalie believes a leader is someone who navigates these new realities with empathy, while also ensuring their team’s goals and initiatives are being achieved. A great leader goes to another level of relating to and motivating people to be their best selves.  

How did the pandemic affect sales and marketing in general? 

The pandemic had a major impact on the sales and marketing industry, from a client’s perspective, and a seller’s perspective. Since their clients’ business models had to change in the wake of COVID-19, Natalie said her team’s business model had to change as well. Every single person got through and is getting through the pandemic in the best way they can. 

How have sales changed in the last decade? 

Sales have changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Where clients used to spend a lot of time and energy talking about their business and where they’re going to go, now clients are much more focused on what Natalie and her team can do for their business. It’s a much faster pace of proving your value that results in a lot less loyalty. The user experience has become much more important than how the client feels doing business with you. 

How does Natalie serve as a true leader outside of the office? 

Natalie has many passions, some of which include helping children and improving public education. Natalie believes a good education is where every person’s success starts, and she’s on several boards and programs to improve education locally and nationally. Natalie’s newest hot-button issue is housing affordability. 

What is Natalie’s best advice for upcoming sales leaders? 

Natalie has a bevy of advice for those looking to follow in her footsteps and become sales leaders, but some of her top pieces of advice include continuing to learn, sharing the knowledge you learn with your team, leading with empathy, and having a personal board of directors to help show you things you might be missing. 

Do you have recommended resources for the audience? 

Natalie recommends checking out The Confident Leader blog and newsletter by Robin Pou. 



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