Value Focused Selling
Sales Management 11.07.2022

Value Focused Selling

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In this conversation, Jill Santos Hutcheson shares advice on how to learn and grow in a sales career during tough times through value-focused selling. She emphasizes the importance of having a positive outlook, staying committed to your goals, and taking criticism well. She also recommends taking certifications or learning new skills to help you be even more successful beyond normal work.

About the Guest

Jill Santos Hutcheson is the Regional Vice President of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud practice across the US in the Small Business Retail and Consumer Goods vertical. In her 10-year sales career, Jill has honed her passion for selling to the small business space and coaching Account Executives, typically in their first or second closing role. Born in Queens, New York, Jill currently resides in Atlanta, GA, with her husband and their dog and cat.

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Key Takeaways

  • Value-focused selling is done by prioritizing customer relationships; businesses can better understand their customers’ needs and impact their ROI.
  • Sales are all about relationships and understanding customers on a human level.
  • Dead deal reviews help sales reps identify where they may have lost deals and give them actionable next steps to improve their skills.
  • Creating trust between the sales rep and the decision-maker is key to getting a deal over the line.


“We are in sales. The goal is to close the business but to build long-standing relationships that will grow and grow as time goes on, and as the economic downturn goes and turns back up, again, we’re planting those seeds with these customers and focusing on that value… That is why you should work with us, not simply because we have the lowest price or because we’re willing to get in there and negotiate.” – Jill Santos

Highlights from the Episode

Can you tell me a bit about your background and career?

As of last month, Jill Santos has been in sales for ten years and has been in a leadership position for 8 years. She worked for companies such as Yelp and Glassdoor and is currently working for Salesforce, leading the marketing cloud practice in the segment for retail and consumer goods.

Your contribution to our eBook mentions the need for value-focused selling. Can you expand on what you mean by that?

Value-focused selling is a sales approach that emphasizes the value that a product or service can bring to a customer rather than the price. This type of selling is often seen as more consultative, as it requires the salesperson to understand the customer’s needs to find the right solution. In today’s economy, where prices are often the deciding factor, value-focused selling can be a breath of fresh air for customers who appreciate being seen as more than just a number.

How do you coach your reps when dealing with rejection, especially when budgets may be tight right now?

The best way to coach your reps when it comes to dealing with rejection is to encourage them to be brave and to ask tough questions. Remind them that selling is about helping people and that rejection is not personal. Help them to see that every no gets them closer to a yes, and that they can learn from their mistakes.

As a female leader, what advice would you give to a younger female just out of college coming into the workforce?

Be clear with what you want, be prepared, and be aware of your surroundings. Additionally, it can be helpful to create an alter ego that embodies the qualities you want to have in a meeting or situation. Consider what you are doing to upskill during your downtime beyond work.

Is there a book, blog, newsletter, website, or video that you would recommend to our listeners?

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