Trust-Based Selling: How to Be a True Partner to Your Clients?
Sales Management 11.02.2022

Trust-Based Selling: How to Be a True Partner to Your Clients?

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Being a true partner to your clients reveals drastic effects, such as having the clients approach the sales team with the thought of solving business problems collaboratively, and not perceiving the company as merely trying to sell. In this episode, William Schwartz shares how Alpha CRC establishes the Trust-based selling model and how they prioritize reputation. Listen in!

About the Guest

William has over 30 years of international business management experience in software, technology, supply chain, sales, and operations. William’s expertise is in business management, development, strategic supply chain, account management, international operations, and manufacturing. He has extensive experience in building, directing, and leading high-performance international strategic and tactical teams. As Director of Alpha CRC’s North American business, William builds on his relationships globally to deliver the best experience for Alpha CRC’s Clients. William has a BS in Industrial Technology and Operations Management from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. He joined Alpha CRC in 2010.

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Key Takeaways

  • Reputation is key to success in implementing the Trust-based selling approach.
  • The Trust-based selling model allows customers to seek advice from the sales team.
  • When it comes to revenue, prioritize quality over quantity – it is not always about the volume of sales.


“The best way to sell is through just doing a great job with the clients that you have.” – William Schwartz

Highlights from the Episode

Can you tell us more about your role at Alpha CRC and a bit about the Localization solutions?

William is responsible for running the business in North America. Alpha CRC has been in business since 1987 and provides language services to global enterprises to help them expand into new markets. Alpha CRC offers a variety of services, including functional testing, translation, DTP, copywriting, editing, marketing, machine translation, and content writing. Alpha CRC also offers services to help companies adapt their products to better fit into different markets and to be more productive in those markets.

How are you able to deliver growth with your sales team and marketing support?

The company has been able to deliver growth organically through its sales team and marketing support by focusing on its reputation and taking care of its existing clients. The key is targeted sales and being selective about companies to go after.

Can you tell us more about this ‘Trust-based model’ for selling?

The Trust-based model for selling is a model where the sales team works closely with the client to understand their business and what success looks like for them. The sales team then uses this information to advise the client on how to best use their budget to achieve their desired results. This model builds trust with the client and creates a relationship where the client looks to the sales team for advice rather than perceiving the sales team as only trying to sell them a product. Transparency and being flexible with the client are keys to following this model.

How are you scaling up your revenue team for growth?

The company is scaling up its revenue team by adding marketing and pre-sales teams and by looking for tools to automate lead generation.

What is your advice to revenue leaders on doing more with less?

It is not always about the volume. What is more important is to focus on quality than quantity when it comes to revenue growth. Focus on building relationships with trusted partners and mentors who can help support your business goals.

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