Marketing in the Healthcare Sector
Sales Prospecting 11.05.2021

Marketing in the Healthcare Sector

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On this episode of the Sunny Side Up podcast, Dr. Chequeta Allen joins us to talk through marketing in the healthcare sector, the growing trends around data analytics in healthcare, and how patients and healthcare providers alike are taking advantage of social channels and social care to revolutionize general health and wellbeing. Dr. Allen discusses the nature of social channels and the kind of data that can be mined there, how some providers are offering next-level care through a harmonized customer platform, and how investors are helping healthcare providers bridge the wellness gap between in-office care and patients’ daily lives.

About the Guest 

Chequeta Allen is a Global Health IT marketing leader, educator & strategist, who is passionate about Healthcare & Life Sciences. Chequeta brings her depth and breadth of industry knowledge and expertise into her Healthcare and Life Sciences marketing role at Salesforce. She is always passionate about technology and how technology could impact healthcare and life sciences and seeks out partners who can work with Salesforce to enhance digital offerings and the patient experience within the industry.

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Key Takeaways

  •         Marketers have a seat at the table now in the healthcare space.
  •         Social channels allow people to connect to other like-minded people.
  •         Salesforce is allowing healthcare providers to stratify their care points.
  •         Customer data platforms are changing the way healthcare providers manage patient care.
  •         Social determinants are playing an increasing role in how providers plan (and pay) for their patients’ healthcare needs.


“Marketers are helping to enable trusted relationships for every kind of healthcare application.”

 Highlights From the Episode

Can You Talk a Little About the Role of Social Channels in Healthcare?

Social channels allow people to access other people who are like-minded. More organizations are seeing the value of the information that’s typically shared through social channels, too.

What Customers are doing healthcare marketing and patient engagement well?

First, I’d like to shed some light on MIMIT Healthcare and, more specifically, Dr. Paramjit Chopra. He’s an amazing partner with Salesforce. Recently, he gave a great presentation on what he’s learned about providing almost immediate real-time access to patients in his clinics. Wherever he is, he’s able to access all the information he needs to talk to a patient, communicate with a caregiver, and more using the Salesforce platform. He calls it the “Amazonification of labor,” and he was able to grow his practice 40% without adding any personnel costs.

What is up and coming in the industry right now from a patient perspective?

We just did a presentation on CDP (Customer data platforms), which happens to be up and coming in the healthcare space right now. We talked about why healthcare professionals need to keep an eye on this, and of course, it’s because the number of data sources each year are escalating. Organizations need to be able to understand their customers in the first place, but they also need to be able to see where they are interacting with the company enterprise-wide. Healthcare organizations should be after a harmony of data, so that they may be able to best serve the patients no matter how they are accessing the healthcare system, be it online, in person, or on an app. Many data environments don’t allow for that kind of access right now, but having that kind of relationship and trust is critical to continuing to grow. Salesforce provides just that kind of data environment and takes a lot of pride in building those kinds of trusted relationships. In short, it’s about elevating the customer experience.

Another thing that’s gained a lot of traction is maintaining external partnerships with stakeholders thanks to ongoing remote work post-covid.

Can you talk a little bit about Social Determinants of Health?

The understanding that there are other contributing factors to your overall health beyond genetics is something that has charged people to take control of their own lives. Social determinants look at the factors that could be functioning as barriers to their overall health, like poor access to reliable transportation or healthy food. Healthcare providers are now concerned with social determinants to try to provide the best possible care to their patients. Payer and provider organizations are investing in providing meals, behavioral health, and affordable housing to help manage chronic conditions. People are also focusing on helping with domestic violence and helping to alleviate that in the community.

Is there any recommended reading you’d like to plug?

We have a lifestyle medicine blog that would be super valuable for people to check out.

I should also plug Chris O’Hara’s book, Data-Driven.


Martin Kihn – SVP Cloud Strategy at Salesforce.

Dr. Atul Butte – Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg Distinguished Professor and Institute Director at University of California


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