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Four Badass Women at Demandbase and Their Side Hustles

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March 18, 2021

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Four Badass Women at Demandbase and Their Side Hustles

Four Badass Women at Demandbase and Their Side Hustles

Incredible. Inspiring. What women do.

“I’ve got all the time in the world, how should I spend it?”… said no one ever.

We have been celebrating Women’s History Month this March and have been talking to some of our Badass Women colleagues about how they spend their time outside of their day job. Call it a side hustle, call it a passion project. Either way, these women are truly inspirational both 9-5 as well as before and after hours. Speaking of Dolly, check out our ‘To All The Women’ playlist on Spotify to fuel your morning, day and night!

From creating an Insta account promoting healthy eating to volunteering for young professionals, and from exploring their creativity to planning that extra special day — these women are getting the job done and then some!

Lilly Kuhl
Office Coordinator

I was diagnosed with an auto-immune illness that affected my stomach and required major changes to be made to my diet to help my body get into remission.

I went from eating Taco Bell twice a week to eliminating dairy, gluten, sugar, and even caffeine! I created an Instagram page (@itskuhltobehealthy) to document all the different recipes I was creating and all I am learning with battling this new illness. I want others to also feel that even though there are lots of limitations, food can still be delicious and help you HEAL!

Kryssi Abbassi
Strategic Financial Analyst

Krystal Abbassi's side hustle as digital content strategist

Krystal Abbassi’s side hustle as digital content strategist

Outside of Demandbase, I volunteer as a Digital Content Strategist at Boss Women Collective (BWC.)

BWC is a community focused on empowering women in the early stages of their careers through personal growth and professional development. As a Digital Content Strategist, I create inspirational, empowering, and educational content on a variety of topics such as professional development, female empowerment, DE&I, financial wellness, and more!

I’m passionate about amplifying diverse voices and creating empowering resources for women, and Boss Women Collective has allowed me to become an agent of change through inclusivity and intersectionality.

Bissy Sancimino
Director of Productivity

Bissy Sancimino's side hustle as creative adventurer

Bissy Sancimino’s side hustle as creative adventurer

I am incredibly passionate about creating art. I started a year ago, in NYC in my apartment.

I had been exploring my creativity taking acting classes and participating in shows in SF and NYC, and I was curious about the opportunity to paint, so gave it a go. It’s turned into an ever-evolving passion project! (

As humans, we are so multi-faceted, and I believe too often (in America in particular) we associate our value and who we are solely with how we make money. We sometimes forget to invest time and space back into ourselves and into the different buckets of our life that we were once curious about because, well, life gets in the way!

Getting paid for my creations? That’s fantastic. Inspiring others to take a leap into something new? Even better. I’m passionate about giving people (myself included!) permission to explore the deeper areas of their souls and all aspects of their humanity. As my Aunt Etienne attests, “Never stop creating!”

Katie Graves
Senior HR Manager

For just over seven and a half years I have been planning weddings on the side with my company Star Planning.

My middle name is Star and I thought it had a good ring to it for a wedding planning business. I love planning weddings. It brings me such joy helping couples on a huge milestone in their lives.

I specialize in day-of wedding coordination and I try to do at least six weddings a year. I really enjoy planning things from start to finish and love knowing I am taking off a lot of the stress of the couple and their family and guests.


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