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Five reasons why joining Demandbase was a no brainer

September 12, 2022

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Five reasons why joining Demandbase was a no brainer

Five reasons why joining Demandbase was a no brainer

“You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right.” – Steve Jobs

Anyone who knows me will confirm that I’m not afraid to talk (maybe overshare) on topics that I’m passionate about. My mother always described this as me arguing with brick walls (thanks, Mom!), but leaning into things I love always guides me in the right direction.

After a decade in various marketing roles, I became convinced that there were critical flaws in how marketing functioned, prioritized work, and collaborated with sales. The next decade of my career was fueled by trying to right the wrongs of marketing and spending as much time as possible with other sales and marketing leaders (special thanks to Compendium, Oracle, TOPO, and Gartner for that). Whether in a stadium, conference room, or virtual meeting, serving other sales and marketing leaders was a mission critical priority for the organization and my individual goals.

This burning idea of improving the perception and success of sales and marketing has led me to Demandbase. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of reasons why I’m excited to be here, but five stand out most today.

Serving sales and marketing leaders makes me happy

Finding happiness in your career needs to be a priority. We’ll all have “jobs” but aligning work that you love to do with work that you are compensated for is possible and should be a factor in the decision making process. I love serving others and helping make them more successful. There’s tons of research backing the fact that doing something nice for someone else actually makes you happier and this is true for me. Today, sales and marketing alignment is more important than ever and helping to improve those relationships is where we will all be spending even more time.

Helping organizations and leaders grow

At Demandbase, success doesn’t stop with a won account. Everyone is committed to making each and every person and account they work with more successful than they already are. This makes work fun. Demandbase is an organization committed to helping every single customer be more successful. The goals, target accounts, funnel stages, and conversion rates will surely vary, but Demandbase doesn’t take a black box approach because each organization is different. And that’s not marketing speak, a customer told me that.

True flexibility and transparency to improve any GTM strategy

One of my biggest learnings after three years of being an advisor to high-growth SaaS companies is that trust is built through transparency, vulnerability, and communication. In many marketing and sales technology companies, the output or recommendations are actually mysterious and hard to articulate the methodology. When budgets are tighter, results and ROI are more important. We have to be armed to tell that story and show the why, what, and how. I believe Demandbase is as well-equipped as any technology company in matching your organizational go-to-market goals to the product and helping sales and marketing leaders tell that story without a huge leap of faith.

Everything I love to do was thrown in a blender

As a cross-functional marketer, I’ve spent time in product, demand, content, social, brand, AR & PR, and thought leadership and influencer programs. This role has elements of each and great folks to work with in all functions. A huge part of my job is working with you – yes, you reading this – and that excites me every single day. As Head of GTM Thought Leadership, my success is deeply connected to your success and helping you improve your go-to-market strategy. That’s a dream job for me. Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn too. 🙂

Incredible leadership and team

I’ve known several folks at Demandbase for over 10 years and always enjoyed running into them at events. I’ve even battled Justin Levy in the same fantasy football league before. Every single person I spoke with at Demandbase and on the Board was amazing. Their hearts and minds are in the right place and Demandbase is extremely well-positioned to continue their exponential growth. I look forward to learning from all of you and spending time together making the sales and marketing world better each day. Talk soon!

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