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How to Make the Most of Your Event Strategy in 2022

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As we head into 2022 and our third year of the pandemic, the evolution of events continues to change and keep us all on our toes. According to a study by Bizzabo, 97% of respondents expect to see more hybrid events this year.

With the combination of in-person and virtual events, it’s important to make full use of every single event and interaction with your target accounts. An event is not just a single engagement but should be in support of a fully integrated approach.

Demandbase’s Beki Scarbrough, VP of Account-Based Experience, and Asher Mathew, VP of Data Cloud, dive into how to combine data and advertising to ensure you get the most of your 2022 event strategy.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage data and advertising with your events
  • Allocate budget for a successful hybrid approach


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