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As Easy as Demandbase One, Two, Three: Quick Tips for Marketing

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2020 truly changed the world forever. And here at Demandbase, it’s no different. Across both the Marketing and Sales teams, we’ve had to pivot to become more efficient with less. We’ve had to learn new skills and change the way we work in order to confidently go into 2021 with peace of mind that we will hit our goals.

In this webinar mini-series, we’ve put together quick tips and use cases on how we’ve been using Demandbase One in order to become more efficient even with limited resources.

See how our Marketing Operations, Sales Development, and Demand Generation teams are hitting our goals all while keeping up productivity and freeing up some time for what really matters – like those all-important walks around the block!

In part 2 of our series, Beki Scarbrough, our VP, ABX Evangelism, will walk through how she uses Demandbase One every day to:

  • Arm our sales team with actionable insights at their fingertips that they can easily take action on right away.
  • See what activities drive engagement and use account heatmaps to identify the most engaged people to contact.
  • Find which accounts are in-market today and where any account is in their buying journey.
  • Create orchestrated plays that automatically add accounts to direct mail, SDR outreach, and more.


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