How To Scale Your Marketing Content Strategy?
ABM/ABX 09.20.2021

How To Scale Your Marketing Content Strategy?

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In this episode, Kerry Ok discusses how to scale your marketing content strategy. She mentions why it is important for B2B marketing organizations to consider scalable marketing content. She also talks about how to leverage using an artist approach while creating content and the hidden secrets of content writing.

About the guest 

Kerry is a marketer that loves to partner with the sales organization. As Senior VP for Marketing at Auth0, she is focused on sharing the Auth0 narrative across the globe. Before Auth0, Kerry spent many years working in B2B Tech at Skytap and F5 Networks.

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Key Takeaways

  • When using the modular content system, take a few series of small content (like blogs) that can later be produced on a larger scale. Test it, then scale it.
  • You can’t just build it, you have to build it and then constantly work on it.
  • Setting up a solid team is just as important as creating the processes.


“Setting up a foundation with team members who are on board is essential yet often overlooked.”

Highlights From The Episode

Why should B2B marketing organizations consider scalable marketing content?

The way readers consume content has drastically changed over the past 10 years, so naturally, there is a need to stay competitive. Before, one could get away with a B2B by creating three pieces of content that would service 80% of the demand. Today, we have to make sure we create a content framework personalized to people’s persona, language, and industry.

What makes for a good strategy when creating scalable marketing content?

Three years ago we were using an artist approach to creating content which meant having the writer do all the research, editing, and meeting with design to produce a single piece of content. The method we use today is the modular content system which includes 3 categories; scale by channels, scale by vertices, or scale by localization.

What is the tech stack you could use to support the engine?

We use a mix of three main tools that are critical, which are; the asset management system, content for RCMs, and GoogleDoc for the creation of content. All of these pillars are then topped off with customization.

Any hidden secrets one should know about before beginning?

Setting up a foundation with team members who are on board is essential yet often overlooked. Meet with your team to discuss with them why we want to scale, why it matters, and how it is beneficial to our readers so that they understand the visions and can provide feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

What are some of the pitfalls to avoid while building out a winning strategy?

Building a team and having processes in place is just the start of what coincides with that is having regular sinks, retrospectives, and being diligent about planning and prioritizing. Oftentimes our pitfall is in thinking it will all happen and fall into place, but the reality is that once you build it you have to constantly work on it.

Do you have recommended resources for the audience?

I recommend the book Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.


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