Getting Business Value From Analytics
Metrics and Analytics 04.26.2022

Getting Business Value From Analytics

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In this episode and learn how to leverage advanced analytics for your business!

  • The reason Sri Srikanth pursued a career in analytics.
  • What is “cross channel diligence,” and why is it important?

About Guest

Viswanath “Sri” Srikanth leads the Advanced Analytics team for Cisco’s Global Marketing Analytics team. During his tenure at Cisco, he has led data science initiatives in understanding and defining Customer Engagement, Content & Audience Performance, Customer Journey, Marketing Attribution, and more. His work has received multiple industry recognitions, including the ANNY Award in 2017, ANA Award in 2018, and the Highly Commended DRUM Citation in 2018. Sri holds over a dozen active patents and is a regular presenter at industry conferences. Sri has led multiple industry-standard efforts, including chairing the creation of industry-standard for customer data collection at the W3C standards organization.

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What you’ll learn in this episode

Building Data Foundation

  • The right way to build the data foundation of your business, according to Sri.
  • When building a business, data should be clean and accurate.
  • Sri talks about data reliability.
  • The importance of having the right key performance indicators.

Finding The Right Key Performance Indicators

  • Customers should also be engaged and not just be directed to the marketing funnel.
  • Sri tells us why.
  • A sneak peeks into how Cisco gives value to its customers.
  • He also shares some challenges they encountered in gathering data and analyzing models.

Coordinating Among Research, Sales, and Marketing Teams

  • Sri considers the activation portion as a bigger problem than the underlying models.
  • He explains why
  • How can the research, sales, and marketing teams work together harmoniously?
  • An important lesson that you should not miss.
  • Why building a feedback mechanism for customers is a must.


“Anytime you’re in marketing, while you want to drive pipeline into sales, you also want to keep customers engaged.” – Viswanath Srikanth.

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