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July 2023

A Shot of Espresso:

3 powerful quotes from this month’s featured content

“While leads are too narrow, accounts, as it turns out, can be too broad, because we don’t sell to every individual at a company. The real buyers are the select group of people within an account. Until now, we haven’t had the technology to automate a go-to-market that revolves around buying groups rather than accounts.” Read the blog

“Why do so many B2B companies continue to waste resources on ineffective marketing strategies? The  problem lies in sticking to outdated marketing approaches that simply don’t yield the same results in today’s market. ” Read the blog

“you don’t need an unlimited budget or a trust fund to get started with ABM. In fact, there are several ways to successfully finance your ABM initiative, from programs to technology—and none of them involve starting from scratch.” Read the eBook





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