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How to Find Budget to Fund Your ABM Strategy

You don’t need an unlimited budget to get started with ABM. In fact, there are several ways to finance your ABM initiative, from programs to technology – and none of them involve starting from scratch. In this eBook, we’ll share:

  • Several ways to finance your ABM initiatives
  • The types of technologies you should invest in
  • A complete rundown to navigate expected changes
  • How ABM will transform your marketing programs

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How will ABM change the way you budget, plan, and execute your marketing programs?

Most marketers today are pretty excited about ABM, but as they’re starting to bridge the gap from theory to reality, they’re running into some new challenges. They need to know how ABM will change the way they plan for marketing—from budgeting to goal-setting and execution.

First, there will be some changes made to your existing programs and budget, and this guide will help you navigate what changes to expect from the marketing initiatives you’re already running.

Additional technology resources will also play an important role in executing your ABM strategy. We’ll provide options to consider to help you automate and scale your programs for success.

You may even be surprised at how you can fund an ABM strategy just by freeing up or reallocating budget.

Download the How to Find Budget to Fund Your ABM Strategy eBook today and get on the path towards Smarter GTMTM.

how to find budget to fund abm strategy