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How the Tough Get Going: Women Sales Leaders on Reaching Your Goals, Even in Challenging Times

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Challenging times? Use these tips to reach your sales goals!

Let’s face it, sales is challenging even in the best times.

That’s why we reached out to women sales leaders in roles ranging from CEOs to company founders, sales directors, AEs, SDRs, and every role in between, and asked them to share their secrets to success, especially when the going gets tough.

Hear from leaders at companies like Outreach, Salesforce, Chili Piper, Vidyard, LinkedIn, and solopreneurs who graciously revealed tips for achieving (and even surpassing) their sales goals, regardless of outside factors.

The advice these sales leaders shared can be applied at all levels of the business, and it touches on five key areas:

  1. Controlling the controllable
  2. Building strong relationships
  3. Focusing on strategic planning and execution
  4. Learning new sales approaches
  5. Understanding customer challenges and customizing solutions

To find out what this group of women sales leaders has to say about reaching your goals, even in challenging times, download our eBook.


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