What is Account-Based Marketing?

Learn how to get started with the companies you value most

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) helps B2B marketers identify and target the accounts they value the most. Account-Based Marketing solutions typically include account-based data and technology to help companies identify, attract, engage, convert, close and then measure progress against customers and prospects.

Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

Align Sales and Marketing

Account-Based Marketing is a collaborative endeavor between Sales and Marketing. By shifting the focus to accounts, rather than individuals, you bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing, which allows you to focus your strategic efforts on a specific list of target companies.

Focused Marketing & Sales Strategy

While “spray and pray” campaigns may work for B2C, they aren’t as effective for B2B. This is because B2B marketers have a limited number of potential Buyers. With ABM, marketers can focus their efforts on key accounts.

Precise, Holistic Measurement

Implementing an Account-Based Marketing approach requires shifting away from traditional metrics and focusing on account data. Measuring by accounts allows marketers to be an active owner of the revenue chain. So you can move from inquiries and click through rates to pipeline and close rates.

Market Prior to a Form Fill

With an ABM approach, marketers can identify an unknown visitor and know what company they are from. This requires an investment in the right tech, but it allows you to focus on the visitors that matter the most.

Highly Qualified MQLS and SALS

Marketers tend to run blanket campaigns based on hope and chance rather than on logic and strategy. With ABM, campaigns can be hyper-targeted towards your account list, which ensures that the leads generated are of the highest quality.

Optimal Customer Experience

With ABM, stakeholders at specific companies receive relevant messages and content at the appropriate time. They get the attention they need to move through the funnel. Account-Based Marketing also plays an integral role in customer retention and helps with cross sell and upsell.

Considering Account-Based Marketing?

ABM looks different from company to company (and from person to person). Watch as the Demandbase team shares their real experiences with ABM.  

Executing on ABM

Account-Based Marketing Fundamentals

Start with the Basics

Most marketers these days understand the importance of focusing on accounts but struggle to implement and get buy-in for their program. If you’re one of them, we recommend starting with the fundamentals and then moving forward from there.

Advanced Account-Based Marketing

Move to the Next Level

The marketers who’ve been doing Account-Based Marketing for a while have a formalized plan in place and are executing against a target account list. If you’re one of them, you can take your strategy to the next level by investing in new technology to automate and scale your ABM efforts.

Account-Based Marketing Fundamentals

Become an ABM Expert

The fast way to dive deep into Account-Based Marketing. Get the hands-on knowledge to really make ABM work for you, your team, and your organization – whether you’re a novice or an experienced ABM practitioner.If you’re looking to get up-to-speed on best practices in ABM quickly, you’re in the right place.

The Steps to ABM Success

1. Identify

Build your Target Account List

With account-based identification technology, you’ll be able to identify the high-value accounts most likely to buy, based on a variety of signals that go beyond traditional firmographic data such as product usage, business fit, culture, budget, interests, investments and a network of business relationships.

2. Attract

Get Target Accounts to your Website

Reach your target accounts and the right internal stakeholders wherever they are online and drive interest with personalized messages and focused advertising campaigns.

3. Engage

Create Relevant, Personalized Experiences

Personalize content and calls-to-action with relevant messaging and imagery for your target segments.

4. Convert

Convert Target Accounts to Sales Opportunities

Execute an ABM strategy directly in your Marketing Automation System to run account-based marketing campaigns, all while driving better quality leads with shortened forms.

5. Close

Help Sales Close Deals

Discover the right individuals to contact within your target accounts and gather insights to personalize outreach and maximize the quality of your conversations.

6. Measure

Gain Visibility into your Impact Across the Funnel

Discover the right individuals to contact within your target accounts and gather insights to personalize outreach and maximize the quality of your conversations.

Start Executing ABM
Across the Funnel

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