New Demandbase Trending Skills Solution Unlocks Insight Into Future Technology Investments at Target Accounts

September 16, 2021

Demandbase, the B2B go-to-market leader, today announced the release of its Data Cloud Trending Skills solution which uses technographics to track the changes in target accounts’ tech stacks. By revealing trends in accounts’ overall approach to tech architecture, customers gain insight into potential future investments in technology — or movements away from technology. This arms them with timely knowledge that can be used to tailor communications and offers to their accounts’ specific situations, and to understand changes and trends that are a precursor to the adoption of their products.

“It’s imperative for B2B organizations to understand the dynamics of changing tech stacks in their target accounts over time,” says Meetul Shah, general manager of Data Cloud, Technographics at Demandbase. “Only through this understanding can companies identify sales opportunities that are mutually beneficial to the vendor and the customer, thereby improving customer experience. After all, the more an organization is aware of their customers’ tech needs, trends and preferences, the more they can provide relevant offers that are customized and valuable. That’s powerful in sales, and ROI outcomes.”

The Demandbase Trending Skills solution is part of Demandbase Data Cloud. It was designed to help provide an understanding of the changes in an account’s tech stack in the recent and previous quarters. These changes can then be correlated to investments in new technology and software solutions or signal a change in an account’s overall approach to tech architecture. To date, Trending Skills has tracked more than 1.1 million domains and 16,000 technologies on a quarterly basis.

“Intent data has become a pivotal piece of B2B sales and marketing over the years, and technographics like we offer in Trending Skills are the next major component of that,” says Jon Miller, chief marketing & product officer at Demandbase. “Customers can not only target and sell to prospects who have a strong intent to buy in general, but can also use the data provided here to target and sell to those with a strong buying intent for a particular technology solution. This deepens the impact and effectiveness of every effort that organization takes, ultimately amplifying ROI and customer experience.”

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Demandbase announces the release of its Data Cloud Trending Skills solution to unlock insights into future technology investments at target accounts. Learn more:

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