Demandbase Celebrates Wins with Marquee Customers DocuSign, Trevipay, UScellular, and WIKA Mobile, Among Others

Welcomes New Customers DexCare, Igloo, Avenga, Insight Enterprises, and FORM

(SAN FRANCISCO – April 9, 2024) — Demandbase, the leader in AI-driven account-based go-to-market (GTM), today announces recent wins, including important renewals, new customer relationships, and noteworthy customer achievements. The company is honored with recent renewals from DocuSign and UScellular, and welcomes new customers Avenga, DexCare, FORM, Igloo, and Insight Enterprises. As Demandbase continues to grow and innovate, it remains committed to its customers’ success, as highlighted in these results. 

TreviPay successfully transformed into a hyper-growth organization with a 600% increase in meetings booked.

TreviPay, a global B2B payments and invoicing provider, specializes in digitizing and enhancing payment processes for businesses around the globe. As part of a new vertical go-to-market approach using influencer and event marketing, coupled with journey mapping insights and ABM, the team was able to see these early results:

  • Improved target identification using a combination of accounts they selected, plus those surfaced by Demandbase, overlaid by Demandbase intent signals.
  • Better sales and marketing alignment, booking more sub-vertical meetings and driving a remarkable 600% increase that far surpassed expectations.

For more information, see the full story

Visier achieves 234% higher click-through rate using Demandbase + LinkedIn

The marketing team at Visier wanted to move away from a top-of-funnel marketing approach, which would require a solution beyond their CRM and an ABM strategy to help them unify their sales and marketing teams. With LinkedIn already on board, the team sought an ABM solution that would provide a complete view of an account based on insights like engagement and intent that sales and marketing could use to align on a unified go-to-market strategy. Demandbase provided that and more.

Since using Demandbase and LinkedIn together, Visier has realized:

  • 95% – 100% of their OEM opportunities engaging with their campaigns on LinkedIn
  • 84% of their top enterprise prospect accounts have visited their site from an ABM ad
  • 234% higher click-through rate with their new ABM approach

Read the full case study.

WIKA Mobile Control expanded its presence in untapped markets with insights powered by Demandbase One™.

WIKA Mobile Control, a company with more than thirty years of experience primarily serving the crane market, recognized the need to expand their business into new markets after successfully counting nearly the entire market in their existing customer base. Turning to Demandbase One™ for ABX and advertising, WIKA achieved remarkable results including: 

  • Increased engagement of top accounts through targeted campaigns that reached 90% of their targets; 55% of accounts clicked on their ads, and 26% of accounts increased their onsite engagement.
  • Better equipped sales with insights for current and potential customers by providing personalized reports, detailing customer engagement.
  • Increased client retention. Although they focused on new accounts, they were successful in cross-selling new products to their current customer base.

See the full story for details. 

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Demandbase Celebrates Wins with Marquee Customers DocuSign, Trevipay, UScellular, and WIKA Mobile, Among Others. Learn more:

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