Demandbase Celebrates Customer Success Driven by New Demandbase One Solution

March 1, 2021

Demandbase, the definitive leader in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), is shining a spotlight on the achievements of its nearly 800 customers. Last November, the industry pioneer released Demandbase One, which is simply the best account-based platform for finding, engaging and closing the accounts that matter. Customers have already been enjoying impressive results in the months since its launch, including the following notable Demandbase customers who are excelling in a few key areas.

Laser-Focused Targeting for Optimal Results

  • Coupa set out to orchestrate a full-funnel ABM solution, and did so by pairing Demandbase with its in-house Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) scores. The team ran an Enterprise ADR program that opened opportunities at 29% of accounts they marketed to, with 42% of those opportunities progressing further down their funnel. Coupa’s ABM program also now fuels one-third of all ADR opportunities, making it an important contributor to the business.
  • SilkRoad Technology overcame its inbound and outbound lead quality problems, and used Demandbase and Salesforce to create one view of the most highly targeted, ideal accounts. Once able to confidently prioritize its efforts, the team saved hours of time every day. They also were able to boost activity and engagement from top accounts by as much as 50-60%.

Sales Empowerment Breeds Alignment & Better Outcomes

  • Dialpad launched a pilot program with Demandbase initially, setting out to gain experience and gauge results. Once proven successful, the team re-configured its internal marketing funnel and optimized the experience for sales. Since then, marketing and sales now share a single funnel and marketing stays involved after sales engages their accounts. These efforts paid off in an 80% increase in Marketing Qualified Accounts delivered to sales in less than six months, 20% increase in target account penetration, and an acceleration of 15% of deals in pipeline. Dialpad’s Head of Marketing Campaigns Izabella Bray says that the company’s use of Demandbase to align its internal teams and empower sales has taken its ABM efforts from “nothing to highly sophisticated in a short time.”
  • OneLogin needed to support a global ABM program, and implemented Demandbase to do this. By accessing insights and delivering them to the global sales team, the company has driven greater efficiency across the entire revenue organization. This has resulted in 30% growth in pipeline over the prior year and a 20% increase in average deal size.

Deep Visibility & Reporting Lead to Internal Wins

  • Seventy percent of the revenue team at SmartRecruiters is using Demandbase, hooked on the visibility it delivers. With these insights, sales and marketing have been able to see what target accounts are doing, and act with intelligence to close deals faster. The leadership team has also begun monitoring how these accounts are moving through the funnel, which has helped them forecast more accurately. The RevOps team now uses Demandbase exclusively for all of its ABM reporting for executive and board reports.

“When we evaluate the success of the Demandbase platform, we remove ourselves from the equation and look to the success of our customers instead,” says Allison Metcalfe, chief revenue officer of Demandbase. “Seeing them overcome age-old B2B challenges and truly thrive is all the proof we need to know our platform is doing its job — and so are we. We’re so proud of all the customers who are exceeding their own expectations with account-based strategies, and eager to watch as even more customers’ success stories unfold.”

To read more customer stories, and see how revenue teams are eclipsing even their own most ambitious goals, visithere.

Demandbase customers are enjoying impressive results since the launch of Demandbase One, including laser-focused targeting, improved sales empowerment and expanded visibility and reporting:

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