Demandbase Offers New ABX Certification, Equipping Marketing Teams to Take their Account-Based Success to the Next Level

Course Builds on Wildly Successful ABM Certification, Offers B2B Practitioners an Opportunity to Become Experts in Smarter GTM, Free for a Limited Time

February 14, 2022 – Demandbase, the Smarter GTM™ company for B2B brands, today announces the launch of its Account-Based Experience (ABX) Certification. The company has a proven track record of educating revenue teams through Demandbase Academy, having certified more than 7,000 professionals for completing its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Certification courses. Now, with the addition of this new ABX Certification, Demandbase pulls back the curtain on the future of ABM and B2B go-to-market. The course leads participants through a proven five-step process of creating their own ABX strategy, providing detailed and interactive instruction about engaging their best accounts with the right content at the right time on their terms. It also helps them define their goals, measure their ABX success, and much more.

“ABX merges the best of ABM and customer experience, and is powered by artificial intelligence (AI),” says Jon Miller, chief marketing officer at Demandbase. “It’s the next evolution in B2B go-to-market and, as such, is crucial for practitioners to embrace. We’re inviting customers and non-customers to get certified, which will give them the knowledge and roadmap they need to understand ABX and take its principles and strategies right back to their organizations. If you want to completely transform your sales and marketing results this year, this is the course that will get you there.”

The Demandbase ABX Certification is structured into eight modules, which take attendees through the basics of ABX, account journeys, building a data foundation, finding the accounts that drive their business, engaging accounts across channels, measuring progress, closing opportunities, and the ins and outs of ABX implementation. Revenue teams can become ABX Certified at any time, regardless of whether they have completed the other available Demandbase ABM certifications or not.

The certification costs $395, but Demandbase is offering free access to the course through April 30, 2022. Demandbase customers can always access this and other GTM Certifications for free through the Demandbase Academy. To learn more and sign up for the ABX Certification course, please visit here.

Demandbase today announces the launch of its Account-Based Experience (ABX) Certification. Learn more:

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