Demandbase Press Contact
Fast Facts

Founded: 2007
Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Chris Golec
Employees: 250
Big Data: 350TB of the B2B Internet
IP Addresses Mapped: 4 billion

Press Releases


May 23, 2018 - ABM is a “must-have” for marketing and sales teams. Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase, shared his thoughts on his company's annual conference and what an ABM marketing strategy can achieve.
May 22, 2018 - In the last year or so, the conversation around account-based marketing (ABM) has shifted from the basics of “why should I do ABM?” to the more advanced “how can I do ABM?” and even “how can I do it better?” T
May 11, 2018 - All this data we've got at our fingertips isn't useful unless we apply it practically. Contributor Peter Isaacson offers specific steps to help you uncover actionable insights.
May 8, 2018 - The new integrations with 6sense, Demandbase, LookBookHQ, and Mintigo are aimed at helping sales teams find the best buyers and close deals faster.
April 20, 2018 - At the conference, Demandbase announced a few new things for its platform: a new integration with Salesforce Pardot (marketing automation) and a new ABM Analytics solution. Both are good things, and I’ll explain why.
April 18, 2018 - Meet the Bay Area’s Best Places to Work for 2018. This annual ranking produced by the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal shines the spotlight on 130 local companies whose employees rate them as exceptional.
April 17, 2018 - Emerging technologies can be a gamble. Sometimes they fizzle out entirely. Other times they grow and evolve into tools that fundamentally change and improve your business. In the end, the best technologies are the ones that streamline, inform or automate — and they become tools you rely on and use every day.
April 16, 2018 - "With the new platform, we've made it much easier for smaller companies to get started, and more economical. They can get started with our platform, and see what's working and what's not," said Demandbase CEO Chris Golec.
April 16, 2018 - More personal date, more hacks and more tech challenges have made the CPO indispensable to companies.
April 13, 2018 - Demandbase, the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) company, today announced at the 5th Annual ABM Innovation Summit an expanded collaboration with Salesforce to provide marketing and sales teams with more comprehensive account and contact level insight.
April 13, 2018 - We were sitting down at a table in the conference space at San Francisco's Pier 27, surrounded by the buzz of this week's Demandbase ABM Innovation Summit, getting into the details of yesterday's launch of the new ABM Analytics offering.
April 12, 2018 - Demandbase hosted its 5th annual ABM Innovation Summit this week in San Francisco and used the event to track the growth and evolution of the ABM category. The company also debuted a new Analytics product to its account-based marketing platform, as well as an expanded partnership with Salesforce.
April 6, 2018 - To get a sense of how B2B-oriented companies are responding to the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we checked in with Salesforce and Demandbase.
April 3, 2018 - Even though the road to GDPR compliance is long and winding, the new regulation may actually end up driving a new set of creative growth for companies.
March 28, 2018 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are being baked or integrated into every aspect of B2B technology. Early adopters are seeing success leveraging AI to enhance and scale personalization efforts, offer content recommendations via owned channels and streamline the sales cycle.
March 25, 2018 - It's the scaled-back, prospect-focused approach of ABM that's key to effectively engaging your targets and maximizing your team’s efficiency.
March 21, 2018 - ABM is growing up. It’s gone from a buzzword B2B marketers couldn’t quite make sense of to a strategy that’s becoming more and more ingrained in our daily lives.
March 21, 2018 - With the GDPR deadline quickly approaching, B2B companies are working to prepare for and adapt to the new compliance standards it brings.
March 21, 2018 - There is so much product innovation in ABM right now. The combination of AI and ABM are creating huge opportunities in what’s possible, from connecting all your data sources to ingesting that data to develop automated insights and generate real action.
March 20, 2018 - Practitioners and thought leaders at the upcoming 2018 Summit will dig even deeper into the role advanced algorithms play in two key aspects of cutting edge ABM.