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Margo Mendez-Penate

Fast Facts

Founded: 2007
Location: San Francisco, CA
CEO: Gabe Rogol
Employees: 300
Big Data: 350TB of the B2B Internet
IP Addresses Mapped: 4 billion

Press Releases


Demandbase's CMO, Peter Isaacson, explains why sales and marketing unification is a critical element to a successful ABM strategy and other key trends based on the company's recent ABM survey.
Think it's impossible to merge two corporate cultures during a global pandemic? Demandbase's CEO, Gabe Rogol, and Chief Product Officer, Jon Miller, share their experience successfully merging two distinct corporate cultures while working remotely.
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Jon Miller, Demandbase's Chief Product Officer, shares insights into why B2B organizations need to implement CDPs systems now.
The $122B marketing technology industry is constantly evolving and growing, but only a small group of executives are shaping its future. According to Business Insider, Demandbase's CEO, Gabe Rogol, is one of the 20 most important executives influencing the future of martech.
CDP's are all the rage these days among B2B marketers, but are you unsure of where to begin? Demandbase's Chief Product Officer, Jon Miller, shares four key steps on how to get started with a CDP solution.
As ABM and B2B martech continue to collide, ABM platforms are poised to become the next generation of B2B marketing clouds. Demandbase's acquisition of Engagio coupled with the recent ABM survey results signal the change is coming in the near future.
Demandbase CEO, Gabe Rogol, and customer, Toni Clayton-Hine, CMO of the Americas for EY, share their insights and experiences investing more budget into digital to grow their businesses in the time of COVID-19.
Demandbase's CEO, Gabe Rogol, shares insights into the recent acquisition of Engagio and why ABM is more relevant in the time of COVID for B2B marketers.
Demandbase's Jay Tuel shares tips and tricks on mastering sales and marketing alignment to drive growth.
B2B marketing industry thought leaders share their perspective on how the Demandbase acquisition of Engagio could be a signal of the collision between ABM and Marketing Automation software and ultimately reshape the B2B marketing landscape.
Demandbase acquires Engagio to bring clarity to the B2B marketing industry.
B2B CMOs rejoice! Demandbase acquires Engagio to reshape the B2B martech landscape.
Demandbase's CEO, Gabe Rogol, shares his perspective on the state of ABM, updates from Demandbase, and more.
Seth Myers, Demandbase's VP of Product, explains to marketers how AI transforms the way data is managed through actionable insights.
Katie Layng, Demandbase's VP of Sales, shares her observations on the constantly evolving world of sales and how sales leaders are navigating turbulent times.
Demandbase launches the ABM Innovation tour, the premier virtual event providing marketers the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and learn what’s next in B2B marketing.
Demandbase's Brian Finnerty shares his perspective on the importance and evolution of the growth marketing function.
B2B marketer, Patricia Pouncey shares her journey on becoming ABM certified, how it's helped her grow in her career, and why fellow B2B marketers should invest in certification now.
In a Q&A interview with Akamai marketing executives, Adam Barney and Megan Campbell, share their journeys to becoming ABM certified with Demandbase's VP of Growth Marketing, Brian Finnerty.