B2B Predictive Analytics

Get on a Path to Predictable Revenue

Trusting your gut is quaint. Predictive analytics is the modern way.

Our easy-setup predictive models score your accounts for “FIRE” after every new engagement using big data and machine learning powered by our proprietary data. The always-on models look for the right FIT, high INTENT, journey stage to nurture the RELATIONSHIP, and ENGAGEMENT activity across your website, email inbox, CRM, and marketing automation. Check enough boxes and they rise to the top, taking all the guesswork out of deciding who to target. Boring? Maybe. Smart? You bet.

A More Modern Approach

Maybe you enjoy geeking out with a roomful of data scientists. But our innovative use of machine learning is fully capable of extracting predictive patterns without human intervention. It’s way cooler and more efficient.

  • You don’t have to set up a bunch of calls with data scientists to create the scores.
  • You don’t have to pay for each model you build.
  • With very little knowledge, you can create a predictive model today and have it up and running tomorrow.

Pipeline Predict

Forecast which accounts are likely to turn into opportunities so you can prioritize your sales and marketing moves.

  • Predict likely opportunities with our machine learning model that looks at past opportunities and activity patterns.
  • Train your score by defining the opportunities you consider “Pipeline” and which keywords to use.
  • Choose the engagement activities that matter to customize your score.

Qualification Score

Spot the accounts that best fit your ideal customer profile (ICP).

  • Define the opportunities that best fit your ideal customer profile and let our machine learning model do the rest, scoring accounts on how well they fit.
  • Identify the attributes that predict your best customers.
  • Uncover qualified accounts not already on your target account list.

Automate the Journey

Want a more hands-off approach? Let our predictive models power your market segmentation for you.

  • Create Journey Stages that are powered by predictive score thresholds and intent.
  • Automate marketing and sales processes to make your small marketing team seem bigger.
  • Focus on the strategy for each stage instead of the logistics required for segmentation.

Build Multiple Models

One model simply doesn’t cut it when you have multiple products or business units.

  • No more thumb waggles to determine the right product message for your prospects and customers.
  • Append multiple scores to your segmentation to run joint product messaging campaigns.
  • No extra charge for multiple models.

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