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In today’s economic climate, showing direct ways to impact ROI is a requirement. This recipe highlights positive correlations between using Demandbase One™ and reps closing and winning more deals. We usually see power users of Demandbase One™ performing better than their peers who haven’t fully adopted the platform.

A recent customer found that their most active reps using Demandbase One™ closed 2x more deals than less active users.


Understanding the correlation between platform usage and sales performance gives us the ability to refine how sellers are using the platform, what data they’re acting upon, and when and how frequently they’re reviewing the contact and account data that’s available.



  • Active Sales Users
  • Demandbase Sales Adoption and Account Insight reports
  • Demandbase One™

Step-by-Step Instructions

Measure your team’s behavior and performance with two custom reports from Demandbase:

  1. Sales User Adoption Report: helps you monitor which sellers are not actively using the Demandbase platform by showing you # of active days and time spent by each sales user.
    Managers should review this report on a weekly basis and address the lack of adoption 1:1 with sellers during ABM standups.
  2. Account Insight Report: helpful for organizations with a mix of users, including sales and marketing. It helps you monitor who is and isn’t actively using the Demandbase One platform. The report includes, for a specified period of time:
    • Logins
    • Active # of days
    • Time spent per user
    • Product usage

Like the Sales User Adoption Report, this report can help you identify areas where sellers may need additional training due to lack of adoption of specific features.

Get the Reports

Sales Usage Performance

Account Insight Report

For each rep, compare the usage findings from the reports in Step 1 with other key performance metrics like meetings booked or opportunities created. These metrics should be aligned with your overall business goals and ABM objectives.

While there may not be perfect cause and effect (or even correlation), the goal is to seek out ways to directionally improve adoption and performance.

With these insights, highlight the increased performance of reps who use Demandbase One™.

Share weekly win stories, offer tips and tricks, or host an office hour to help drive the right behavior across the broader team.

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