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Sales Management 05.02.2022

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Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-changing technology, economics, culture, and movements in the world? It can be hard to stay on top of all these changes while still selling to customers effectively. But according to Dillon Nugent, VP of Demand Generation at Khoros, it’s not impossible. In this episode, Dillon recommends that companies get their customers involved at all levels of their business, create a dialogue with them, and make sure they are constantly learning and keeping up with changes in the industry.

About Guest

Dillon Nugent is the VP of Demand Generation at Khoros. She started her career in the advertising industry, specializing in highly scalable campaigns for mass-marketed consumer brands fueled by cultural drivers and innovation across packaged goods, athletics, fashion, and auto, just to name a few. She then branched into the B2B world, focusing on product innovation with transformation teams that were responsible for experimentation and finding new growth opportunities at their companies. Today, she continues to innovate in the tech industry with both programmatic and account-based strategies.

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Episode Summary

What you’ll learn in this episode

The Power of Becoming a Student of Your Audience 

  • Dillon Nugent’s background in advertising and transitioning into the B2B world
  • Ever-changing consumer behavior, especially in technology
  • The Philosophy of being a reflection of the audience you cater to 
    • Dillion believes that understanding customers and their needs is key to being successful as a Demand Gen leader
  • How to tap into the insight of your audience

The Challenges Demand Gen Leaders Face 

  • Tackling the rapidly changing world of B2B marketing
  • The importance of tracking social, cultural, and economic drivers influencing what people buy and how they buy
  • How staying customer-centric allows a company to understand its customers and consumers better, leading to better products and solutions.
    • Companies can get so focused on internal processes that they forget about the end-user

The Power of Being a Generalist 

  • Being a generalist allows demand gen leaders to have a broader understanding of their industry and the customer needs that they serve
  • How customer behavior changes over time, and why it’s necessary to adapt strategy
  • Seeking information from multiple sources helps to fuel innovation and creativity.


Resources on the topic of Generalism


“There’s just so many path-crossing with problems in the world today, that we need people who have walked many different paths, to have that ability to relate different information to find new solutions.” 


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