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What Are You Missing?
Why Intent Matters

Alexander Bayer, ABM Manager, Merck

Uncover how leveraging precise, actionable insights from intent data not only enhances your strategic decisions but significantly boosts your marketing and sales performance. Let’s explore what you’re truly missing by not harnessing the potential of intent data.

Ensuring Accuracy
Leveraging the Right Intent Data

Stephanie McArthur, Principal ABX Expert, Demandbase

Dive into the complexities of different intent types, including common misconceptions and strategic applications. Learn how to align intent data with your sales funnel to prioritize sales and marketing efforts effectively.

Intent-Driven Campaigns
Crafting Effective Go-To-Market Strategies

Steve Kemish, Campaigns and Execution Expert, B2B Marketing, Propolis

Discover how harnessing intent data can transform your go-to-market strategy. With tips to integrate intent into your campaigns, enabling significant reductions in costs, effort, and resource wastage while boosting marketing and sales performance.

Pipeline Impact
The Crucial Role of Intent Data

Christine Li, VP Global Partnerships, G2

Learn how intent data can surface in-market accounts to prioritize within your sales organization, enhance account insights, boost forecasting confidence, mitigate churn, and win bigger deals more frequently. This session promises to reveal how leveraging intent data can deliver a superior customer experience.

Leveraging Insights
Moving Beyond Spray and Pray

Paul Gibson, Senior Vice President, International, Demandbase

Discover how relevant and transparent intent data can transform your marketing strategies from indiscriminate to targeted. Learn to act on accurate, clear intent signals to spend your budget efficiently, drive successful campaigns, reduce wastage, and significantly improve results.

Demandbase Toolkit

Revealing the Secrets of Effective Intent Data Use

ROI Cookbook

ROI Cookbook

Leverage B2B buyer intent data to enhance return on investment.

Self-Guided Product Tour - Intent image

Self-Guided Tour

Discover how Intent data can revolutionize your B2B sales and marketing strategy.

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