7 ABM Plays to Navigate the Buyer’s Journey

B2B use cases for can’t stop, won’t stop ABM marketing performance.

Maximize your efforts and fuel your funnel with tips to:

  • Ignite stalled accounts using eGifting
  • Use a content platform to increase engagement with personalized experiences
  • Close more business by turning in-person events into virtual tours
  • And much more

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B2B marketing leaders share how they used ABM to influence the buyer’s journey.

We asked top B2B marketing leaders from Drift, Inverta, ON24, PFL, SalesLoft, Sendoso, and Uberflip to share how they leverage ABM.

Their stories tell how scrappy Marketing and Sales professionals leveraged Marketing tools, services, and channels to support their ABM practices, accelerate revenue, increase ROI, and reach program maturity.

Discover how they surfaced top accounts, used interactive webinars and personalized web experiences, kept deals moving with eGifting, and broke through the noise with virtual events with all roads leading to closed won deals.

Get ready to own the latest B2B challenges (WFH and tighter budgets, anyone?) with renewed elan. These ABM power plays will inspire you to create your next Marketing moves that will take your Abm to the next level.

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