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Get on a predictable path to revenue by focusing on the accounts that matter

Demandbase's predictive analytics helps your company with FIRE (Fit, Intent, Relationships, Engagement) to surface the accounts that matter, by scoring your accounts using big data and machine learning powered by our proprietary data.

Our AI works to find the right FIT accounts and surface accounts with high INTENT. Our predictive analytics also helps you understand where your key accounts are in their buying journey so you can continue to nurture that RELATIONSHIP. Finally, our integrations with CRM and Marketing Automation help us see what activities accounts are ENGAGING in to help you prioritize your marketing and sales efforts.

Pipeline Predict

Determine which accounts will likely turn into an opportunity so you can prioritize your sales and marketing efforts.

  • Predict which accounts will turn into an opportunity with our machine learning model that looks at past opportunities and activity patterns.
  • Control how your score is calculated by defining which opportunities are considered “Pipeline” in CRM and which keyword sets to use.
  • Define which engagement activities that each score should take under consideration, maximizing the score’s effectiveness.

Pipeline Predict

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Qualification Score

Identify the accounts that are the best fit with your ideal customer profile.

  • Define the account attributes and keyword sets that best fit your ideal customer profile and let our machine learning model score every account.
  • See which accounts could ever become an opportunity based on factors like firmographics, technographics, and historical intent.
  • Uncover accounts that may not already be on your target account list. Perfect for entering new markets or discovering growth opportunities.

Qualification Score

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Multiple Predictive Scores

Multiple account scores allow you to score accounts according to their fit and interest with your specific product offerings.

  • Sales team members know the right product areas to focus on before each prospect call.
  • Marketing teams are able to easily build target account lists for product-specific campaigns.
  • Combining multiple scores together maximizes visibility into the ideal messaging for each account.

Multiple Predictive Scores

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Use intent to identify known and unknown accounts that are in-market.

  • Find accounts that are in-market, using the intent signals and behavioral data being exhibited by your target audience.
  • Create Keyword Sets for your different products, business units, personas and competitors to train our AI model on the intent topics relevant to your business.
  • Leverage these Keyword Sets across the platform and the add-on solutions to power segmentation and unique use-cases.


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Account Prioritization

Prioritize target accounts and personas based on intent and engagement with sales and marketing.

  • Identify which accounts and which personas have the best engagement and opportunity, including those based on intent data signals, using Quick Cards.
  • Use heatmaps to see current engagement (persona, product, segment, etc.) and where it has fallen off to help Sales and Marketing align and prioritize efforts.
  • Sync custom scores with Salesforce and marketing automation.

Account Prioritization

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