G2’s Fall 2023 Reports Show Demandbase Is #1 in 12 Reports and a Leader in an Extraordinary 62 Categories

Recognized for wowing customers with powerful account-based orchestration, account-based advertising, data capabilities, easiest setup, and more

(SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 13, 2023) — Demandbase, the Smarter GTM™ company that uses AI to help B2B organizations hit their revenue goals, today announced it has been named a leader in a whopping 62 of G2’s Fall report categories, taking the number one spot in 12 reports and being among the top three in 56 reports. Across the board, Demandbase received 73 badges in total. Also notably, Demandbase debuted at number one in five regional Grid® reports for Americas and EMEA. The top areas in which Demandbase was singled out as the clear leader included account-based advertising, account-based analytics, account-based orchestration platforms, account-based web & content experiences, and account data management for enterprise. 

“We see the G2 Reports as customer proof that we’re successfully delivering real business impact and transforming the way B2B companies go to market,” says Jon Miller, chief marketing officer at Demandbase. “We’re extremely proud of this accomplishment and are committed to earning our customers’ continued trust with ongoing product innovations like the first-ever B2B-specific connected TV advertising solution and multi-language intent that empowers B2B organizations to capture accurate intent signals from global markets in 133 languages.” 

In addition to taking the top spot on numerous Fall G2 reports and grids, Demandbase was acclaimed with the following distinctions: 

  • A leader in account-based execution, attribution, buyer intent data providers, demand side platform (DSP), market intelligence, marketing account intelligence, and sales intelligence
  • Best relationship in account-based orchestration platforms, account-based advertising, and account-based analytics
  • Best usability, easiest admin, best meets requirements, easiest to use, easiest doing business with, and easiest setup in attribution

The G2 report scores are determined according to the volume of positive reviews that a company receives, along with additional context from other reputable sources. Demandbase customers regularly rave about the Demandbase One™ platform. Some recent customer reviews: 

“Because it is simple to use, offers a plethora of insights, can automate processes, and interfaces with other systems, Demandbase One is a favorite of mine. These tools have made it easier for me to find high-intent accounts, develop more individualized and pertinent marketing campaigns, and automate a lot of the ABM-related chores. I heartily endorse Demandbase One for any company trying to enhance its ABM outcomes.” 

“What I like best:

    • The account identification capabilities – Demandbase makes it really easy to see all the companies visiting my site and build targeted account lists.
    • The integration with Salesforce – Having the Demandbase account data flow right into Salesforce gives my team full visibility.
    • Automated account-based ads – I can instantly retarget key accounts with customized messaging at scale.
    • The reporting – I get clear insight into the accounts engaging with our campaigns and content. Makes optimizing easy.
    • Predictive intelligence – Seeing the revenue potential scores helps me focus on the accounts that matter most.”

“We have onboarded ABM/ABX Cloud a year ago and it is now at the core of all of our sales and marketing processes! Demandbase One has made a major difference for us by improving:

    • Sales and marketing alignment by providing a single source of trust
    • Visibility into the unknown (anonymous website visits, intent data, campaigns impact…)
    • Business intelligence on accounts that are in-market
    • Marketing spent efficiency with targeted adverts campaign and orchestration functionality for alignment across all platforms

A very important point to mention as well is the fantastic support we are receiving from Demandbase in our journey. Our CSM is very resourceful, and the technical support has always provided very fast and to the point solutions to address our issues. Last but not the least, and maybe what surprised me the most as a user of the platform, is the knowledge-sharing attitude from Demandbase marketing team…and they have been very keen on sharing best practices, playbooks, templates etc.”

The Fall G2 Grid® reports are based on real user ratings and reveal which solutions have the most satisfied customers and largest market presence. To learn more and read current reviews from other active Demandbase users, visit hereFor more details on how Demandbase compares to 6sense, visit here

G2’s Fall 2023 Reports Show Demandbase Is #1 in 12 Reports and a Leader in an Extraordinary 62 Categories
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