Demandbase Announces Most Expansive Multi-Language Intent Solution for B2B, Enabling Global Customers to Pinpoint In-Market Accounts Worldwide

Native Intent Offering Supports Non-Latin Alphabets & Uses Natural Language Processing Across 133 Non-English Languages

(SAN FRANCISCO – Sept. 6, 2023) — Demandbase, the Smarter GTM™ company that uses AI to help B2B organizations hit their revenue goals, today unveils a groundbreaking multi-language intent solution that supports 133 languages, including non-Latin alphabets. Leveraging advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP), this innovation empowers B2B organizations to capture accurate intent signals from global markets, thereby accelerating revenue generation and sales alignment.

Considering that 46.1% of content on the internet is written in non-English languages, this significantly expands the company’s intent offering. And as the first provider to offer non-English intent across such an expansive list of languages, Demandbase is helping customers identify genuine buying signals from wherever their target market is in the world. 

“We’re thrilled that Demandbase is now offering multi-language intent because we’ve seen how powerful Demandbase intent is in our English-speaking markets. Now we can tap into the significant Italian search volume and web traffic we’ve been seeing, and our marketing manager in Brazil will be over the moon to have Portuguese available,” said Marcelo Lima, brand marketing coordinator at Comau do Brasil.

With non-English intent, Demandbase is supporting the most widely used online languages in the world, including Arabic, Danish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, and more. This solution also offers multibyte support, which means it understands non-Latin letters. Additionally, it uses natural language processing (NLP), which means it understands context and relevance so the platform will not only be able to score one intent behavior over another, but also minimize false positives while maximizing accuracy.

“Demandbase drives innovation through custom feedback,” says Brewster Stanislaw, chief product officer at Demandbase. “We heard our global customer base loud and clear and are now leading the market with our international intent offering. This means that our customers can now analyze and target customers and prospects with the same precision in English and 133 other languages. This allows them to create compelling global campaigns that are better optimized for every local market. It also means less waste in their go-to-market efforts, saving time and money at a time when efficiency has never been more paramount.”

Demandbase already processes 1+ trillion English intent signals per month, and this addition of non-English intent represents hundreds of billions of new signals available to customers. This means that Demandbase can now act as the global intent data supplier for its customers, using its nearly 550,000 English and non-English keywords to drive more efficient and personalized sales and marketing motions across global markets.

Also of note, non-English intent will be fully utilized by the Demandbase Piper B2B DSP. This will significantly increase the number of intent-based advertising impressions that can be served in global markets. This makes all Demandbase campaigns even more targeted toward buying groups and ensures that digital marketers worldwide can benefit from increased advertising efficiency.

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Demandbase Announces Most Expansive Multi-Language Intent Solution for B2B, Enabling Global Customers to Pinpoint In-Market Accounts Worldwide. Learn more:

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