Demandbase Releases B2B Intent Data

B2B Organizations Can Now Access Precise Buying Signals Outside Demandbase’s Smarter GTM™ Platform

(SAN FRANCISCO – Jan. 26, 2023) — Demandbase, the Smarter GTM™ company that helps B2B organizations hit their revenue goals, today announces the release of Demandbase Intent, now available to use outside of the Demandbase One platform. Joining other B2B datasets available from Demandbase, including technographics and company firmographics, Demandbase Intent empowers organizations to incorporate timely and accurate buying signals into their predictive models, data stores, and analytics. As one of the most comprehensive and flexible B2B intent data sets available, with more than 375,000 keywords sourced from more than 18 billion signals per day, Demandbase Intent gives organizations the insight they need to achieve their revenue numbers using fewer resources, by focusing on accounts that are most likely to buy. 

“Our intent takes multiple sources into account, providing a much stronger and more accurate signal than others in the space,” said Jackie Palmer, vice president of product & industry marketing at Demandbase. “By using Demandbase Intent, data scientists, corporate strategists, and sales and marketing analytics professionals can build and improve their predictive models, helping them to better understand buyers’ goals and navigate the anonymous buying journey. As they identify patterns, trends, and opportunities, they can be more precise in prioritizing accounts and gaining deeper insight into their revenue potential.”

The key differentiator of Demandbase Intent is its granularity of keyword data which enables customers to see buyer intent signals in niche industries, for specific competitors’ offerings, or to track a specific partner’s intent. With more than 500 billion monthly intent signals derived from a combination of methods, customers have the ability to add new keywords at the account level to fit their needs, whereas other intent providers limit customers to a finite, predefined list of topics. Once captured, Demandbase customers can ingest the intent data directly into their data lakes, data warehouses, or business intelligence platforms for broad usage. 

Demandbase Intent is also useful to companies that already have intent data from other sources, complementing that data to provide a broader, richer signal. Bryant Pulecio, director of web & digital strategy at Deep Instinct puts it this way, “we’re big believers in using as much intent signal as we can get our hands on. I think we pull from 10 different sources, including Demandbase. Some intent is good for the top of funnel, others good for further down the funnel, and one is very specific to our industry. Using all of these sources gives us the sharpest picture possible of the account and where they are in the buyer journey to inform who we should target. It makes us so much smarter.”

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Demandbase Releases B2B Intent Data. Learn more:

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