Demandbase Personalization Ups the Account-Based Experience (ABX) Factor

New features promise increased conversion rates and improved buyer experience

March 30, 2021

Demandbase, the pioneer and leader in account-based go-to-market, today announces new powerful feature enhancements to its Personalization product. After introducing Account-Based Experience (ABX) as the future of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) earlier this month, Demandbase is doubling down on its commitment to help organizations create the right experiences at the right stage for their target accounts. The new and expanded features being released are Site Customization and Forms Enrichment, both of which deepen personalization and increase conversion rates.

“ABX is rooted in an intense focus on the customer at every stage of the buying cycle, using intelligent insights to know when and how to engage, and what to say to each account,” says Jon Miller, chief marketing and product officer at Demandbase. “Your website is one of the most important interactions a customer or prospect can have with your brand, which is why it’s critical that your website experience should be as personalized as email or other channels. Our new features for Demandbase Personalization make it easy to deliver the right website experience and elevate the entire journey.”

The feature enhancements to the Demandbase Personalization product include:

  • Site Customization — Go-to-market teams can now increase conversion rates on their websites by creating unique site experiences for their target accounts, enhanced with more granular segmentation using Demandbase’s dynamic list selectors and a more intuitive user interface. It’s also easier than ever to share new customized experiences with a shareable preview link to ensure all stakeholders have access to it. Customers can also target the same account list with personalized ads and a landing page experience tailored for their stage in the buying journey.
  • Forms Enrichment — Demandbase users have all they need to design unique web forms with a minimal amount of fields, while still capturing additional detailed information about the user. This allows teams to improve the website experience for prospects while simultaneously boosting conversion rates on the web forms.

“I wasn’t at all surprised to read recently that 98% of marketers say personalization advances customer relationships,” says Seth Myers, vice president of product at Demandbase. “What’s more, Gartner is predicting that smart personalization engines used to recognize customer intent will enable digital businesses to increase their profits by up to 25% by 2023. Stats like these and other B2B trends have made it abundantly clear that personalization is taking center stage in business today. This makes the case even more for our enhanced Personalization product and its industry-leading features that treat personalization as seriously as it should be treated. We’re bound and determined to keep anticipating what our customers want and need, in order to continue to elevate ABX.”

Demandbase has seen accelerated customer adoption of Demandbase One – which is simply the best account-based platform for finding, engaging and closing the accounts that matter – since its release in November 2020. To request a demo, please visit:

Demandbase announces new Personalization product enhancements to increase conversion rates and improve buyer experience.

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Demandbase is the leader in Account-Based Experience (ABX) and an indispensable part of the B2B Go-to-Market tech stack. The company offers simply the best account-based platform to find, engage, and close the accounts that matter. The biggest and fastest-growing companies in the world, such as Accenture, Adobe, DocuSign, GE, Salesforce, and others, rely on Demandbase to drive their ABX strategy and maximize their marketing performance. The company has been named to the JMP Securities list “The Hot 100: The Best Privately Held Software Companies,” the Deloitte Fast 500, and named a Gartner Cool Vendor for Tech Go-To-Market.

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