Demandbase is First GTM Platform to Offer Multiple Buyer Journeys for ABM Customers

Companies With Multiple Products & Business Units Can Now Support Numerous Go-To-Market Strategies

(SAN FRANCISCO – May 22, 2024) — Demandbase, the leader in AI-driven account-based go-to-market (GTM), today announced that customers can now set up multiple buying journeys customized to their various motions for different products or business units. The first GTM provider to offer such capabilities, Demandbase wanted to provide customers who have more complex needs a way to create separate buyer journeys and track account progress. With this release, customers can tailor journeys with as many stages as needed (even post-sale), leverage multiple journeys in Selectors, and view analytics through Journey Analytics.

“We’ve been relying on Demandbase for 2+ years, and receive so much value from its extensive capabilities,” said Michael Walsh, Head of Marketing at IBS Software. “The one thing missing for us has been a way to manage unique go-to-market strategies for our various business units and products across the organization. Now with the capability of multiple buyer journeys, we have everything we need and more to customize journeys, track accounts, and yield even greater results. We’re thrilled about this and thankful to work with a company that constantly innovates based on customer needs.” 

In the spirit of ongoing innovation, in recent months Demandbase has also launched the following new features that deliver greater management and control over the data in the platform:

  • Database Folders: A desktop-style organization method for account, person, opportunity, and (coming soon) buying group lists that will help admin and non-admin users more easily manage lists within Demandbase.
  • Field Disable Controls: Enables marketing ops to deactivate fields to reduce the amount of data ingested into the platform. This will improve performance and quota concerns related to some integrations and it also reduces the number of fields visible in the platform, resulting in a streamlined experience.
  • Sync Optimization for Salesforce: Faster syncing of leads into the Demandbase platform greatly improves a seller’s ability to reach out and engage with their known contacts in a timely manner.

“Our mission at Demandbase is to transform the way B2B companies go to market,” said Umberto Milletti, chief research & development officer at Demandbase. “To that end, we’ve listened to customer feedback, and have designed a way for them to seamlessly handle multiple buyer journeys and the many ways they go to market. We can’t wait to see how this powers our customers’ efforts and outcomes.” 

For more information about multiple journeys, please visit For more details and video snippets of the new capabilities, read the related blog post here 

Demandbase is First GTM Platform to Offer Multiple Buyer Journeys for ABM Customers. Learn more:

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