Demandbase Announces Record Growth in 2014

Company Increases Revenues by 80 percent Year-over-Year with 115% Customer Retention Rates

SAN FRANCISCO — Jan. 28, 2015 — Demandbase, a leader in B2B marketing solutions, today announced record growth in 2014. Demandbase’s revenue run rate grew 80 percent year-over-year signifying that more and more B2B enterprises are turning to Demandbase solutions to transform the way they market to their own customers. New cloud-based product innovations, such as the Performance Manager application, which provides powerful insights to improve B2B marketing performance across the full funnel – including advertising, personalization and conversion programs, drove record customer satisfaction marking a 115 percent retention rate for the year. Strong investment from current customers, expanding usage by 20 percent on average, as well as new adoption by market leaders such as GE Energy Management, Kelly Services, SAP and HSBC all contributed to the unprecedented year for Demandbase.

“We chose Demandbase’s B2B marketing technology to identify and attract the right accounts to our website and then personalize the experience based on company name, industry or company size,” said Holly Bounds, Digital Strategy Leader at GE Energy Management. “We can finally connect marketing programs targeting specific companies to increased sales activity, which in turn provides great value to the sales team.”

Rapid customer adoption across a variety of industries including financial services, industrial infrastructure, manufacturing, high-tech and professional services as well as uptake on new innovations from existing customers continue to drive Demandbase’s growth. As the company expands, there will be an increased investment in advanced research and development that will provide a fundamental architecture for data-driven decisions, products and services for Demandbase customers. Reinforced by this tremendous momentum, Demandbase is building a new era of B2B marketing.

“We considered a variety of solutions and Demandbase was the stand-out in B2B personalization connecting advertising and website experiences,” said David Fenech, VP Digital Marketing and Creative Services, Kelly Services. “With the ability to target and personalize campaigns and content to our key prospects, we rely on Demandbase to drive customized user experiences, increase conversions and achieve our demanding marketing and sales goals.”

2014 also brought in milestone usage levels as product transactions across Demandbase’s cloud-based infrastructure more than doubled to 25 billion. In addition, the continued adoption of programmatic advertising platforms by brands and agencies translated to strong investment in Demandbase’s subscription-based ad platform, generating more than a 200 percent increase in total advertising. Driving the adoption of subscriptions (vs. CPM) was in a large part due to enterprises realizing the long-lasting value and benefit of having consistency and automation with an “always on” approach.

“Our rapid growth is a reflection of the industry’s adoption of account-based marketing (ABM) best practices,” said Chris Golec, Founder and CEO, Demandbase. “With escalating pressure on CMOs to track campaign performance to revenues, B2B companies will continue to adopt marketing technologies, such as our B2B Marketing Cloud, that help them create and track programs that are better aligned with sales priorities.”

Founded in 2006 in San Francisco, Demandbase is used by hundreds of the largest and fastest growth companies, including Adobe, Box, CSC, Dell, and others. The Demandbase B2B Marketing Cloud is the first set of end-to-end solutions that connects advertising, marketing and CRM technology across the funnel and optimizes it for B2B performance.

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About Demandbase

Demandbase is a leading advertising and personalization company for B2B. The Demandbase B2B Marketing Cloud is the only subscription-based ad targeting and web personalization solution that ables marketers to connect campaigns directly to revenue. Demandbase makes it possible for businesses to deliver personalized ads targeting specific businesses across the web, and then tailor the messages on their websites to convert these companies to customers. The B2B Marketing Cloud is powered by patented technology that enables marketers to identify and segment companies on the web and delivers detailed, targetable business attributes in real-time. The B2B Marketing Cloud connects to existing sales and marketing technologies – including CMS, CRM, marketing automation, analytics, chat and others — and provides a unified view of all activity across the entire sales funnel. With Demandbase, businesses can target, engage, convert and retain the customers only that matter most to their bottom line. Enterprise leaders and high-growth companies such as Adobe, Box, CSC, DocuSign, Dell and others use Demandbase to drive better marketing performance. For more information, visit

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