See how all your marketing programs are performing across
the funnel—in one unified view.

The Power of Performance Manager

Focus your efforts on the audiences that matter
Most B2B marketers waste significant time, energy and money marketing to people and companies who will never be customers. Performance Manager helps you build, track and manage audiences made up of the companies and business segments that you care about and want to sell to most.
Align your marketing programs with Sales
Performance Manager helps you market and measure the way Sales sells – by account. You'll get visual data that helps you take action on specific accounts and audiences. You can detect early buying signals, see hidden opportunities with accounts you didn't know were interested, and see warning signs of deals that might be in danger. And with pinpoint tracking on specific accounts, across the funnel, you can connect campaigns to the exact companies that become customers.
Create and monitor advertising campaigns
B2B advertising works best when it’s focused on key accounts and ties in with the rest of your marketing programs. Use the campaign tools in Performance Manager to specify start/end, creative and budget. After the Demandbase team reviews and launches your campaign, it’s right in your account to track and compare, and connect to website activity and CRM forecasts.