Demandbase Announces AI-Powered Advertising Innovations to Kick Off 2024

AI-Powered Features Take Effectiveness of B2B Advertising and Its ROI to the Next Level

(SAN FRANCISCO – Jan. 30, 2024) — Demandbase, the leader in AI-driven account-based go-to-market (GTM), today announced cutting-edge innovations and enhancements for its award-winning GTM platform Demandbase One™. One of the highlights is the launch of AI-Powered Campaign Outcomes, which allows customers to choose their ideal outcome for every advertising campaign. From there, Demandbase’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) uses AI to optimize each impression and campaign strategy to maximize the goals selected. This is incredibly innovative in B2B advertising, one of the first of its kind to achieve such a level of flexibility.

Demandbase also launched Campaign Influence Metrics and enhancements to its Creative Library, announced greater adoption of its Connected TV (CTV) channel, and new job level and job function exclusions. The company released a new e-book titled “You Need B2B Ad Tech in 2024” to provide insights into how B2B advertising has changed and to provide guidance about how organizations can take advantage of it this year. Customers are eagerly embracing the value of this information and all of these innovations. 

“Campaign Influence Metrics has opened our eyes to campaign influence of which we weren’t aware,” said Ryan Oliver, senior manager, enterprise demand generation, SAP Concur. “This has helped us funnel more advertising dollars into the campaign channels and strategies that work the best. Demandbase’s continued innovation with their advertising technology makes the decision a no-brainer to continue our partnership for the foreseeable future.”

These recent innovations by Demandbase draw heavily on the power of AI. Here are some notable aspects of each: 

  • Campaign Outcomes give customers more control than ever over the success of their campaigns and improve specific performance outcomes. The AI-optimization of clicks has been shown to increase click-through rates by 100% on average and account visits by almost 10%. The AI-optimization of visits has been found to boost account visits by 24.4% and clicks by nearly 25% on average.
  • Campaign Influence Metrics make it much easier to review B2B-specific influences, such as increases in website engagement, pipeline, and revenue. Customers can better isolate the impact of Demandbase campaigns, more easily performing ROI analyses and justifying further advertising investments.
  • Creative Library Enhancements mean that B2B digital marketers now have much more control over their creative assets, allowing the upload and management of both creatives for native and video advertising. Customers can create and launch native, video, and connected TV campaigns within the campaign builder (Demandbase’s self-serve advertising capabilities) without the need to speak with a Demandbase employee.
  • Connected TV (CTV) empowers Demandbase customers to create digital campaigns and succeed in attracting web visitors, moving accounts through the funnel more quickly, and increasing in intent with CTV-targeted accounts. In fact, Demandbase’s own Connected TV campaign was proven to increase website traffic by 64% compared to a control group. There was also a 476% increase in page views compared to the control audience.
  • Job Level and Job Function Exclusions prevent impressions from being served to people outside of the buying group, regardless of their levels of intent for a specific product or service. 

“While our expert teams will always be here to partner with customers on successful campaign strategy, we have also always had a significant AI component behind our DSP and are excited to offer more self-serve capabilities,” says Gareth Noonan, general manager, advertising at Demandbase. 

To watch an on-demand demo of Demandbase One™ and learn more about how it can amplify your advertising ROI, ​​click here.

Demandbase Announces Major AI-Powered Advertising Innovations to Kick off 2024. Learn more:

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