Bonnie Thomas
Senior ABM Strategist, Demandbase
I partner with customers to optimize their operational capabilities, including formulating Account-Based Marketing plans and strategies and guiding them to fully leverage Demandbase capabilities. And I help them set overall marketing objectives and KPIs, measure performance, and quantify success. When I’m not carrying out tailored workshops, guided discussions, and other engagements with stakeholders at all levels of the customer organization, I’m coordinating with Demandbase Marketing, Product, Customer Success, and Sales management teams to deliver strategic services and support at key points in the customer journey.
Here are six key initiatives that you should master in order to drive demand and revenue
As an ABM strategist, I work with a lot of clients to make sure their ABM programs are optimized for the best results. Let’s break it down into five key areas.
Keep your B2B advertising simple with clear goals, simple and consistent messages across the experience, and single calls to action.
Marketing efficiency is about good data. Think of data as the dock from which you can launch your investment decisions.
Relying on purchase intent rather than on a form fill goes directly to sales productivity, the holy grail for sales folks.
Is the quest for definitive attribution slowing you down? Rely on correlative data to make solid marketing decisions and innovate faster.