Demandbase + Eloqua

Demandbase enhances your Eloqua conversion performance

When Oracle Marketing Cloud customers add Demandbase to their web forms through Eloqua, the corporate identity of the visitor is delivered when the form is completed. More visitors will convert since company data is added to a lead record without requiring additional form fields. And since the company data is more complete, accurate and standardized to your needs more leads will get dropped into nurture programs, scored and sent to sales.

Enhance Eloqua Conversion Performance

  • Increased conversions
  • Better, more complete and accurate data
  • Improved lead management
  • More accurate lead scoring
Brian Conway
Director of Marketing Operations

"Demandbase can help you increase the quantity and quality of leads via your web forms to bridge the rift between marketing and sales. It helped us to get more creative and strategic with our forms to maximize every customer interaction."

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