Conversion Solution

Turn insight into
sales action

Give Sales the context and insights they need to take action, personalize
their outreach and maximize the quality of their conversations.

Provide the data and insights that Sales needs to better understand and target the right individuals, with personalized messages, within your target accounts. Deliver data and insights right where Sales wants them—in email, Slack, or Salesforce.

Leverage valuable intent data to see
who’s interested

AI and machine learning analyze Demandbase’s comprehensive B2B database to discover when your accounts are actively researching topics aligned with your products and services. Real-Time Intent allows you to see spikes in your accounts’ interests in real-time.

Know what accounts are doing on your site

Get detailed insights regarding what your target accounts are doing on your website, including monthly traffic reports and engagement bursts.

Learn more about
your accounts

Get updates on your accounts whenever there is topical news about them and learn what they are saying online. Get links to news articles they are reading, and talking points at the individual level including quotes in press releases, blog posts, speaking engagements, and more. 

Deliver insights where sales teams live

Get updates about your accounts and contacts via email, Slack, or in Salesforce. Finally give Sales the access to the essential information they need to close more deals.

Discover new contacts

Quickly access LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find the right contacts at accounts that are demonstrating interest and intent.

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