Demandbase SMART Award Showcase

Meet the 2023 SMART Awards Winners


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The Omni Award: Smarter GTM™️ with Account Intelligence

Everyone’s being asked to do more with less, and we’re still expected to make our revenue numbers. The marketing, sales, and revenue ops stars who won in this category are using Demandbase One™ to hit their pipeline or revenue number using fewer resources.


First Place – Mid-Market



Second Place – Enterprise



Second Place – Mid-Market


The Bullseye Award: Smarter Digital Marketing with Demandbase Advertising

Most ad tech was built to support highly transactional B2C sales. B2B is much more complex. That’s why Demandbase Advertising was designed, built, and optimized for B2B. This SMART award is for those organizations using Demandbase Advertising to target smarter, engage with more relevance, and swarm their best opportunities.

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First Place – Enterprise


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Third Place – Enterprise


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Third Place – Mid-Market


The Impact Award: Smarter Selling with Demandbase Sales Intelligence

B2B sales is hard and getting harder. Buyers expect sellers to be informed and add value at the right time, in the right way. This award is for organizations using Demandbase Sales Intelligence to set an example of how to sell smarter with B2B data.

The Insight Award: Smarter Systems with Demandbase Data

Today’s B2B buying journeys are almost entirely digital, masking the identities and intentions of accounts and their buying groups until the journey is almost over. The winners in this category are those who have learned to use data and insights to light up the journey and deeply understand their accounts by infusing Demandbase’s world-class data and intelligence into their tech stack.


First Place – Mid-Market



First Place – Partner Recognition


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