RFP Template For ABM Platform Vendors

To Choose The Right ABM Platform Vendor, You Need A Smart ABM RFP Template

This RFP template from the Account-Based Marketing Leadership Alliance (ABMLA) will guide you through the request for proposal process so you can ask the right questions of vendors when sourcing your next ABM Platform.

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Sourcing new martech vendors is challenging, especially when following an RFP process.

But RFP documents are a crucial part of the procurement process. This is especially important in the account-based marketing space. This worksheet was created by the ABMLA, and offers a good baseline of questions that you should ask when evaluating ABM platform vendors.

Download the RFP template for a list of important topic and questions to ask prospective vendors for a smooth planning process, such as:

rfp template abm platform vendors
  •  Company security and privacy information
  •  Customer success support
  •  Platform foundations
  •  Predictive models and factors
  •  Third-party and anonymous data considerations
  •  Behavioral and intent data signal
  • Sales insights and alerts
  •  Advertising and website personalization capabilities
  •  Orchestration and automation
  •  Measurement and analytics
  •  Integrations
  •  Strategy and vision

Download the ABMLA RFP worksheet today to start your journey towards smarter ABM platform vendor selection today!